21 Dark Academia Spring and Summer Outfits to Try in 2024

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Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to experiment with your style and step outside your fashion comfort zone. If you’re looking for a unique and sophisticated look, consider adopting Dark Academia fashion as your go-to spring and summer style. Dark academia is a trend that has recently grown in popularity, combining classic silhouettes with subtle nods to academic culture. From modern takes on military-style jackets to minimalist accessories, there are countless ways to express yourself through this aesthetically pleasing trend. In this post, we’re exploring Dark Academia spring and summer outfits you’ll want to try.

What is Dark Academia Fashion?

Dark Academia fashion is described as a mix of vintage, classic, and edgy styles with a touch of academic vibes. This aesthetic is all about embracing intellectualism while looking fashionable. The trend revolves around dark colors and neutral tones, such as black, brown, and deep maroon, bringing out the somber mood associated with this look.

Accessories like berets, messenger bags, and oversized glasses finish off the look for an even more scholarly feel. Dark Academia outfits are often characterized by their layering technique, where multiple items are worn together to create an intricate ensemble.

Dark Academia Spring and Summer Outfit Inspiration

The Dark Academia style is still trending in popularity, so now is the perfect time to explore what it has to offer. This season we are looking at some of the hottest trends and top picks for dark academia spring and summer outfits.

A white blouse and belted shorts.

A sleeveless shirt, a black sweater draped over the shoulders, black belted shorts, and loafers.

A white shirt, printed overshirt, tan pants, and sneakers.

A cotton dress, brown sandals, and hair scarf.

A crop top, plaid pants, and platform shoes.

A sleeveless houndstooth dress.

A blazer is worn over a polka-dot dress.

A cropped navy top, cropped white button down shirt, tie, pleated mini skirt, and loafers.

A striped dress, straw hat, and black flats.

A creme top, belted shorts, and straw purse.

A white blouse, brown skirt, sandals, and a hat.

A creme top, floral skirt, and brown boots.

A vintage plaid pinafore.

A white blouse and belted plaid shorts.

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A brown short sleeve top and shorts.

A vintage blouse and plaid skirt.

A spaghetti strap top, shorts, a striped sweater worn over the shoulders, and loafers.

A striped shirt, jeans, and flats.

A white cropped peasant top and vintage brown skirt.

A striped shirt, belted shorts, and loafers.

A striped shirt, linen pants, and heels.

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