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32 Spring Old Money Outfit Ideas That Look Luxe AF

32 Spring Old Money Outfit Ideas That Look Luxe AF

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Are you ready to slay this spring season in style? We’ve curated a list of 32 old money outfits for spring that will make you feel like a million bucks (even if your bank account says otherwise)! From preppy pastels to sophisticated neutrals, these looks serve rich auntie realness. So let’s dive into this luxe AF fashion extravaganza that’ll have you feeling like royalty!

What is the old money aesthetic?

The old money look isn’t just about designer labels; it’s about understated luxury and effortless grace. Picture vintage leather goods, heirloom jewelry, passed down through generations, and maybe a hint of cashmere here and there.

It’s all about embracing tradition while adding a modern twist. Who says you can’t rock those brogues with ripped jeans or that silk scarf with a graphic tee? Embracing the old money aesthetic isn’t just about dressing the part. It embodies a legacy of refinement, sophistication, and class.

How to get the look

Swap out the athleisure for preppy classics like tailored blazers, pleated skirts, and boat shoes. Channel your inner Gatsby and embrace timeless pieces without breaking the bank.


Add a pop of pastel to your wardrobe for that perfect mix of old money charm and modern flair. Think light pink trousers paired with a crisp white shirt or a floral dress matched with pearls. Embrace the season with lightweight fabrics and delicate patterns that scream sophistication while keeping you cool under the spring sun.


Accentuate your outfit with vintage-inspired handbags, silk scarves, and oversized sunglasses. Mix and match different textures to create an effortlessly chic look that makes you feel like you stepped out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.


Old money aesthetic looks for spring

Say goodbye to basic tees and hello to blazers, silk scarves, and loafers that scream, “I brunch at country clubs” with these 32 old money outfits for spring. Let’s bring some class back into fashion!

A swimsuit, quilted pants, a robe, and heels.

A striped long-sleeve shirt, belted slacks, and sneakers.

A halter maxi dress, a low-slung belt, and strappy heels.

A black vest, cream linen slacks, and flats.

A halter top with matching slacks.

A cowl collar shirt, midi skirt, and heels.

A midi dress, strappy heels, and a neck scarf.

An off-shoulder top, belted slacks, and slides.

A printed spaghetti strap top, cream slacks, metallic slingbacks, and a green blazer.

A striped vest with matching wide-leg pants.

A tank and cardigan, black slacks, a scarf, and heels.

A button-down long-sleeve shirt, belted shorts, and flats.

A luxury tee, mini skirt, and blazer.

A striped shirt, pleated skirt, a scarf, and strappy flats.

A strapless shirt, a suit jacket, and belted slacks.

A blazer, printed skirt, a hat, and ankle strap heels.

A sleeveless black top, beige skirt, and heels.

A blouse, ruffle skirt, pink blazer, and platform shoes.

A halter top, skirts, blazer, and heels.

A crop top, mini skirt, sheer long-sleeve shirt, and heels.

A long-sleeve shirt, sweater worn over the shoulders, shorts, and sneakers.

A tank, sweater worn over the shoulders, pants, and slides.

A striped dress, a straw hat, and slingback heels.

A white sleeveless shirt, belted slacks, and slides.

An in-between spring season outfit with a striped top, blazer, jeans, and slingback heels.

A black blouse, button-down skirt, heels, and a wide-brim hat.

A strapless top, maxi skirt, and T-strap sandals.

A white top, sweater worn over the shoulders, shorts, and ballet flats.

A strapless top, belted slacks, and platform loafers.

A vest, pleated skirt, and faux pearl necklace.

An accordion-pleated dress and white heels.

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