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Abby Johnson

Abby is a lover of all things weddings. Her goal is to ensure that couples have the perfect day and leave no stone unturned while making their special event memorable.

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Brooke Aubrey

Brooke Aubrey is an astrologer from California with a passion for understanding the energy of the cosmos. Her mission is to bring joy and clarity into people's lives by providing them with tools that can help them move forward in their journey towards spiritual growth and self-realization.

Delaney Abrams

Delaney is an aspiring writer with a love for all things fashion and beauty. You can always find her typing away at the computer while sitting next to her dog Jacy!

Jessica Day

Jessica Day is a passionate beauty copywriter based out of Las Vegas. She enjoys writing about beauty, skincare, and healthy lifestyles. 

Katie Brozen

Katie Brozen is a freelance food writer. She’s worked as a professional chef with Food Network celebrity chefs and has opened restaurants in NYC and Washington, DC.

Keren Dinkin

When Keren is not actually tapping away at her keyboard, you’ll find her staring into space or drinking copious amounts of coffee. But make no mistake, she's hard at work even then. Come close enough and you’ll hear the whooshing noise of countless words as they go whizzing by - in her head of course.

Madison Deane

Madison Deane is an enthusiastic writer based in North Carolina with a passion for fashion, beauty and wholesome living.

Mystic Bell

Mystic Bell is an aspiring California author that believes in the power of coffee and a good book.

Natalie A

Natalie is a freelance content and creative writer whose passionate about self-awareness and others coming into their own sense of self, whatever that may be.

Corina-Alexandra Groza

Corina has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and likes to write about all things pretty. And hair dyes. Some update their nail polishes, she changes her hair color.

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Erika Marie

Erika Marie is a fashion and beauty writer as well as a hardcore vintage clothing enthusiast. In her free time, she can be found thrifting for hidden gems to add to her collection.

Natalie Schawel

Natalie is a healthcare content writer, dog mom, and former online dater. She met her now-husband on a dating app, and they live together in Chicago.