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The Best Places to Put Scented Candles to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

The Best Places to Put Scented Candles to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

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where to place scented candles

There’s nothing like coming home to a house that smells amazing. Whether a light, refreshing scent or a rich, decadent one, scented candles make your home feel inviting and welcoming. But candles aren’t just for making your home smell good – they can also benefit your health and well-being. Scented candles can help to boost your mood and create a sense of calm. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, lighting a candle with a relaxing scent can help to soothe your mind and body. But where should you place scented candles in your home? Here are a few locations for your favorite candles to provide you with the desired fragrance and ambiance.


Scented candles in the entryway create a welcoming and warm ambiance. It’s like an invitation to come in and relax. Whether it’s a spicy, woodsy scent or a sweet and floral one, a scented candle in the entryway is a small but effective way to make your home feel more inviting. Here’s where to place them:

Console table

Placing a candle on a console table is a great way to make it the focal point of the entryway. Choose a fresh and welcoming scent, such as citrus or floral.

where to place scented candles

Shelf or nook

If you don’t have a console table, you can place the candle on a shelf or in a small nook. Again, pick a scent that is inviting and makes a good impression.

Wall Sconce

Another option is to hang the candle from a wall sconce. This looks especially nice if you have an ornate sconce that complements the candle.

Living Room

There are a few things to remember when placing scented candles in the living room. The first is to ensure the candles are placed in safe, stable holders. Keep the candles away from couches, chairs, curtains, or other fabric items. Finally, always keep them on a heat-resistant surface out of reach of children and pets. Here are a few placement ideas to get you started:


Putting a scented candle on a living room shelf is a great way to create a welcoming and inviting space. It will make the room smell great and can also be used to set the mood for relaxation or romance.


Candles on a fireplace mantle will make your living room smell great and add to the room’s ambiance. If you want a room that smells fresh and clean, then try a lavender or lemon candle.

where to place scented candles

Coffee tables or end tables

You can also place candles in groupings on coffee tables or end tables. This creates a relaxing, inviting atmosphere in the room. Just be sure the candles are spread out so they don’t make a fire hazard.

In a corner

Placing candles in the corner ensures the scent will spread throughout the living room.


Scented candles can fill your bedroom with a pleasant aroma and create a relaxing atmosphere. Where you place a scented candle is a matter of personal preference but always keep safety in mind. Always keep them out of reach from children and pets. Remember to keep your candles away from curtains and other flammable materials and blow them out before going to sleep. Here are a few key places to put scented candles in the bedroom to benefit from them most.

Dresser or shelf

Scented candles can add a touch of luxury to your bedroom and make it feel like a true oasis. To get the most out of your candles, place them in groups of three or more on your dresser or shelf so that the scent can mingle and become more potent.


Placing a candle on a nightstand will make your bedroom smell great and can also be used to set the mood for relaxation or romance. Lavender and eucalyptus candles are known for their relaxation properties.

where to place scented candles

Middle of the room

Another tip is to choose a location for the candles that will allow the scent to waft throughout the room. This means avoiding placing them too close to vents or windows, which can cause the smell to dissipate quickly. Instead, try placing them in the middle of the room to allow the scent to circulate.


If you want to add a touch of fragrance to your kitchen, candles are a great way to do it. Wherever you decide to put them, be sure not to put candles too close to anything that could catch fire, like towels or curtains. And always blow them out before you leave the room. Here are some ideas to get you started:


A couple of candles on the windowsill can make your kitchen smell lovely and look pretty as the sunlight streams in. You can’t go wrong with a cinnamon-scented candle. It’s also known to boost energy and concentration, making it ideal for cooking up a feast or working on a project.

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Candles on the table create a romantic ambiance for dinner or a relaxing mood for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

In a corner

If you have an unused small nook or corner in your kitchen, candles are a great way to make it into a cozy little spot.


Placing scented candles in the bathroom can offer many benefits. For one, the bathroom is typically a smaller space than other rooms in the house, meaning that the candles’ fragrance will be more concentrated. Scented candles can also help to mask any unpleasant smells that may be present in the bathroom. This can be especially helpful if you have guests over and want to ensure that the bathroom smells clean and fresh. Here are a few ideas of where to place scented candles in the bathroom:


If you’re looking for a place to start, try placing scented candles on your bathroom counter. This way, you’ll enjoy the scent while preparing for your day or evening. If you have a large bathroom, place candles on different countertops or shelves to help spread the smell throughout the room.

Near the bathtub or shower

This way, you can enjoy the fragrance while relaxing in the tub or getting ready for your shower. Jasmine candles have a strong, sweet scent that can be both relaxing and uplifting.

where to place scented candles


While it may not be the most glamorous spot, placing a scented candle near the toilet can help to mask any unpleasant smells.

Wrapping Up

Scented candles can add a touch of beauty and sophistication to any space. Now that you know where to place scented candles, you can make your home more luxurious. With some thought and planning, you can create a charming and inviting atmosphere in your home. Your guests will be sure to notice – and appreciate – the difference.

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