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How to Buy a Couch That Lasts

How to Buy a Couch That Lasts

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how to buy a couch

Going couch shopping? Choosing a couch seems like a simple decision that doesn’t need a guide, but it’s a fact that some couches last longer than others. There are several factors to consider before purchasing any piece of furniture, and couches are no exception. After all, it’s a long-term investment in your comfort and will be a key piece in your living room furniture.

Use this guide on how to buy a couch to help you pick the most durable, comfortable, and well-suited couch for your home.

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Important Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Couch

#1. Study Your Space Well

how to buy a couch

How wide is your hallway and what is the distance from the couch to the dining table going to be? Can you fit a 3-seater sofa or do you need something smaller? What we’re trying to get at is your couch size needs to be practical.

Purchasing an overly large couch may help you accommodate everyone, but may also throw the entire aesthetic of your living area askew by taking up too much room. There is such a thing as too much couch. Also, you don’t want the presence of your new couch to dwarf everything else.

Next, you need to think about what the best place for the couch is. If you’re the kind of person that has people over often, having your couch over by the coffee table would be a suitable choice. But if you’re more of a TV dinner and game show person you may want to place it in front of the television. The amount of room you have for a new couch will depend on where you’re going to place it.

Remember to take measurements of the space you’ve chosen for your couch. Try to choose a spot that makes your apartment look good from every angle.

#2. Consider Your Style and Lifestyle

You should also take into account the kind of lifestyle you have and the aesthetics of your apartment before buying a new couch. Are you planning to invite guests over and play cards regularly? Or do you prefer to spend your evenings relaxing and reading a book? Basically, how are you planning to use your new couch?

If you want to use the couch to host guests, you should pick a sleek design that suggests luxe and offers firm support. However, if you just want to use your couch for lazy days or to host crashing friends or relatives you should pick a couch that’s cushy, easy to lie on, and maybe even turns into a sofa bed

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Remember to test a couch before purchasing it. Don’t just sit on it, take turns resting your arms, your head, and stretching out on the couch. Take the time to explore the kind of sensation and support its construction offers. The couch must be comfortable to sit on for long periods.

#3. Set a Budget After Looking at Options

how to buy a couch

Once you’re done browsing through different options you should have a good idea of how much different construction types and materials affect the price of a couch. This is one of the worst times to be stingy because you will have to live with the kind of couch you buy.

A high-quality couch can last an average of 10 years. The budget you set should take into account what sort of features you’re looking for and the average price of couches with the best construction materials. Want to know how to buy a couch that lasts? Buy one with the best construction you can afford.

Here are some tips to help you gauge a couch’s quality:

  • Check the frame. The sturdiest frames are made from hardwood like oak, ash, or beech. Woods like pine are low-cost but may show signs of wear much earlier.
  • Avoid couches with frames made of plastic, particleboard, or metal because they’re susceptible to bending and cracking.
  • Ask the store manager about how the different joints are connected. A-frames connected by metal screws, brackets, wooden dowels, or wooden corner blocks are an example of solidly constructed couches.
  • Never purchase a couch that’s held together solely by glue, staples, or nails.
  • Sit firmly on the edge or corner of the sofa and listen for squeaks and creaks. Such sounds suggest that the springs are incorrectly placed or are of poor quality.
  • Make sure the fabric or linens are durable. The most durable couch textiles include cotton and linen. If you want a smooth finish, you can also go for microfiber.
  • Try taking a nap on the couch if you can to test the support offered by the couch fillings. It shouldn’t be too hard or too soft.

#4. Upholstery Fabric

Make sure you select a durable and stain-proof upholstery fabric to ensure the longevity of your couch. Also, keep in mind that the upholstery fabric is a major factor in the couch’s overall design and aesthetic. Since it’s one of the main pieces of furniture, the color and texture of your couch’s surface contributes enormously towards setting the tone for your apartment.

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Cotton, leather, polyester, and microfiber are some of the most durable materials for your upholstery as they can handle daily use. Do not go for fabrics that have an exceptionally high thread count like silk and velvet. Yes, they’re smooth to the touch but they are easily damaged and are painfully difficult to keep clean.

#5. Incorporate Fine Details

So far, we have discussed all the factors that determine the quality and longevity of your couch. However, you also need to think about the vibe your new couch gives your home as well as how it plays off against all your existing furniture and decor.

If you have a modern luxury service apartment with a cold interior color scheme, a sleek long leather couch works best.

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But if you live in a more “homey” apartment with family pictures on the wall, old oakwood drawers, and an ottoman, a plushie multi-tonal couch will be a better fit.

how to buy a couch
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If you live in a modern, compact urban apartment, you need a couch that makes the most economic use of the available space. You could either go for a simple design or pick a couch with practical features like a pullout bed or a table.

how to buy a couch
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Consider the age and style of your home thoroughly because a poorly chosen couch can ruin the overall look you’re going for.

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