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25 Parisian Apartment Ideas That Will Make You Say ‘Ooh La La’

25 Parisian Apartment Ideas That Will Make You Say ‘Ooh La La’

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Bonjour, mes amis! Are you dreaming of sipping café au lait on your petite balcony overlooking the charming streets of Paris? We have just the article to transport you to the City of Love and inspire severe apartment envy! Get ready to say oui oui to 25 stunning Parisian apartment inspiration ideas.

From cozy enclaves tucked away in the historic Le Marais district to chic penthouses with panoramic views of the Seine, these apartments capture the essence of Parisian living. Whether you’re a fan of minimalist design or can’t resist a touch of vintage charm, there’s something here for every style and taste. This virtual tour through these achingly beautiful spaces will make you want to pack your bags and move straight into le magnifique city.

How to achieve the Parisian look in your home

Want to achieve that je ne sais quoi in your home decor? Embrace the classic elements of Parisian design, such as elegant molding, ornate mirrors, and vintage furniture, with a modern twist. Think Marie Antoinette meets contemporary cool.


Remember to play with textures and patterns! From luxurious velvet cushions to delicate lace curtains, layering different fabrics is vital to creating that romantic French charm. Top it off with touches of whimsy through unique art pieces or delicate chandeliers that add sophistication to any room.


Let’s talk about color palettes – embrace soft neutrals like creams and greys as your base tones, then add pops of bold colors like cobalt blue or rich burgundy for that wow factor. Remember: the devil is in the details!

Parisians are known for their impeccable taste in fashion and interiors, so keep things curated but not overly cluttered. Less is always more when achieving that effortless European elegance.

Remember lighting! Opt for soft ambient light through romantic sconces and table lamps instead of harsh overhead lighting. This will create dreamy shadows reminiscent of candlelit evenings on the Seine.

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Lastly, embrace the beauty in imperfection. Mix old with new, flea market finds with high-end pieces – because nothing says Parisian more than embracing individuality and personality in your space!


Parisian apartment decor inspiration

Paris, the city of love and style, has long been admired for its effortlessly chic aesthetic. Why not bring a touch of that coveted Parisian flair into your own home? With these 25 apartment inspiration ideas, you can transform your space into a petit slice of the City of Lights.

1. Rose Pink Room


parisian apartment inspiration

3. Maximalist Parisian Apartment

4. Blue Accent Wall

5. Bedroom with a View

6. Luxurious Marble

7. Parisian Foyer

8. Electic Living Room

9. New and Old

10. Mid Century Furnishings

11. Parisian Dining Space

12. Black and White Bedroom

13. A Touch of Red

14. Parisian Home Office

15. Classic Interiors

16. Galley Kitchen

17. Timeless Decor

18. Cozy Apartment

19. Modern Armless Chair

20. Gallery Wall

21. Victorian Fireplace

22. French Interiors

23. Pop of Color

24. Chinoiserie Screen

25. Napolean Style

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