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10 Wedding Makeup Tips That Will Turn Heads on Your Big Day

10 Wedding Makeup Tips That Will Turn Heads on Your Big Day

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, one that you are meant to remember and treasure for decades to come. So it’s entirely natural to want everything to be perfect: the dress, guest list, food, drinks, flower arrangements, decor, seating, music, program; all the details, big and small.

But what about your look?

The stress of wedding planning can lead to some dropped balls and last-minute rushes. It’s your big day, so prioritize accordingly: your hair and makeup are two of the most crucial elements you should take care of very early on. After all, you will be the center of everyone’s attention all day long, and you will be looking at your wedding day photos for the rest of your life—you need to look more beautiful than ever!

We’ve put together a list of the best wedding makeup tips to help you decide what to do on your big day.

Let’s get to it!

Top 10 Wedding Makeup Tips

1. Prep

Flawless, supple, naturally glowing skin is the best canvas for makeup. To achieve this, you must begin to develop and maintain healthy habits long before your wedding day.

Hydrate diligently every day and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Maintain a balanced diet: heavy on fruits and veggies, light on sugar and processed food. Exercise as often as possible, and schedule facials and massages as needed. Diligently cleanse, moisturize, and tone your skin, and always wear sunscreen.

These habits will benefit your skin and give your makeup artist a beautiful base to work with on the big day.

2. Face

A timeless makeup look is the best choice for your wedding day. Wear blush in soft tones. If you have fair skin, stick to pink blush. If you have a dark skin tone, use rose shade.

Avoid frosted makeup at all costs, as it is too reflective for professional photography.

Carry loose powder for occasional touch-ups during the big day; I’m sure you don’t want a greasy glow in your wedding photos!

3. Eyes

Use a good waterproof mascara for your lashes. It will last longer and will not smudge or stain when the tears start flowing.

Charcoal, mahogany, and navy blue eyeliners are classic options that suit all skin tones. For eyeshadow, stick to light or medium hues.

White eyeshadow on the brow bone is best for fair skin, and warm, light shades like peach or vanilla are great for dark skin.

Don’t forget your brows! Give them definition but don’t overdo it.

4. Lips

Your wedding day is not the time to use brown or pale lip shades, especially if you’re wearing a white dress—your face will look washed out in photos. Use your trusty brown or neutral lip as a base and pair it with a bright rose or pink on top.

If you usually wear dark lipstick, you can use it as a base and layer it with something brighter.

Carry your favorite and most flattering lipstick for touch-ups throughout the day.

5. Neck and Chest

Use bronzing powder to even out the tone from your forehead to your decolletage. Flash photography is very unforgiving, so you should test your shading long before your wedding day.

6. Nails

A sheer pink nail color is a classic choice. It looks bright and fresh, and it is easy to touch up. Even if it chips right before or during the wedding, it won’t be too noticeable.

Schedule regular manicures and pedicures in the months before your wedding to keep your nails healthy, soft, and supple.

7. Fragrance

Wear your favorite fragrance on your wedding day—the one that makes you feel the most glamorous and beautiful. Apply it on your pulse points (wrists, the bottom of the throat, inner elbows, ankle bones, behind the ears and knees) to ensure longevity and intensity.

Carry a travel-sized version of your choice of fragrance to spritz when you need a refresh during the festivities.

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8. Hiring A Makeup Artist

Hiring a makeup artist for your wedding is tricky as your choice will make or break your look. You need to do your due diligence before partnering with someone for your big day.

Ask your married friends, family members, and colleagues for personal recommendations. Try chatting with workers in beauty salons and makeup counters—they may offer their own services or give you a well-regarded name in their industry. You can also contact local modeling or makeup schools and agencies for references.

Before closing a deal with a makeup artist for your wedding, sit down for a meeting and discuss all of the crucial details—how much experience do they have with brides? Do they have a portfolio? Can they produce the look you’re going for? Talk through payment details and deadlines to avoid misunderstandings later.

Schedule a dry run a week or so before the wedding. This will be a dress rehearsal of sorts to ensure the perfect look on the big day. You can troubleshoot any issues you encounter during this practice session, such as timing, product choice, lighting, etc.

Your dry run will tell you how much time you need to prepare on your wedding day. Integrate allowances into your schedule in case of unexpected issues.

9. DIY Wedding Makeup

If you can’t find a good makeup artist locally or their services are beyond your budget, it’s best to opt for the DIY route. Sign up for a wedding makeup lesson at your local department store or beauty salon and do your own dry run a week or two before the big day.

Crowdsource your options long beforehand. Discuss all makeup details with your maid of honor, bridesmaids, family members, friends, colleagues—people you can trust to give you objective feedback on your look.

10. Hair

Many brides like to sport extravagant, complex hairdos on their wedding day. If you, too, like such hairstyles, go for it! Do a dry run with your hairstylist before the wedding to lock down the look and identify potential pain points.

If you aren’t gravitating toward a particular look just yet, try different hairstyles until you find one that will complement your makeup and dress. If you’re wearing a veil or headpiece during the ceremony, you should work around it during the planning stages.

If you’re not into fancy hairstyles, go for a classic low ponytail or just wear your hair down. These simple styles are classics for a reason—you will surely look gorgeous and remain comfortable all day long.

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