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A Guide to Choosing a Style of Front Door

A Guide to Choosing a Style of Front Door

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Front doors are one of the first things people notice when they visit your home. If your front door isn’t making the kind of statement you want it to, then it’s time to replace it with a new style. Keep reading this guide to choosing a style of front door so you can pick the best statement piece to wow your guests before they even get inside.

Minimalistic Flat

A minimalistic flat wooden front door can make a great statement despite its simple appearance. As long as you choose the right stain and good hardware, this entry door will stand out with its elegant simplicity. Opt for mahogany, knotty alder, cherry, maple, walnut, or redwood, as these are the strongest and most durable hardwoods available. This design complements mid-century modern homes well.

Wood Panel

There are two types of wood panel front doors: traditional and contemporary. Traditional paneling often has glass in the upper square, allowing natural light into your entryway. If you’re hoping to add a pop of color, these are also one of the best doors to paint since that glass panel will prevent the color from being overwhelming. This versatile style will look good with many different home exteriors.

Contemporary wood panel doors are often designed with horizontal paneling reminiscent of the popular shiplap look. They are similar to minimalistic flat doors but with more texture. If your home is modern or has wood paneling on the facade, then a contemporary wood panel front door will look great.

Arch-Topped French

French doors have been popular for some time, and their signature glass fronts now come in a variety of styles, from uninterrupted panes to grid patterns. Arched tops only heighten their elegance, and while this design feature can be more difficult to find, you can get them imported or custom-crafted, or you can hunt for them locally. This style can look great on a coastal or farmhouse home with a large porch so that the double doors are proportionate to the rest of the house.

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This guide to choosing a style of front door only examines minimalistic flat, wood panel, and arch-topped French doors, but these are some of the best styles for your home. Choosing between them can be difficult, but hopefully, this guide has made that decision easier. Once you choose which door style is for you, you can have it installed and impress your guests and neighbors.

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