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TikTok Beauty Hacks You Need to Try in 2022

TikTok Beauty Hacks You Need to Try in 2022

tiktok beauty hacks

TikTok is one of those social media platforms that seem to be a haven for everything. Whether you are 15 or 105, TikTok has something for everyone. It has also given talented visual and musical artists a chance to share their work thanks to the booming and easy-to-enter algorithm. It’s like YouTube without the pre-video ads and shorter video lengths.

Some of the niche genres highlighted on the video-sharing app are reading, fitness, comedy, and the beloved beauty community.

In this article, I am focusing on the beauty community. I’m diving into some of the most interesting and useful TikTok beauty hacks users have shared.

Cat Eye Without The Facelift

Celebrities everywhere are in love with the foxy cat-eye look, including Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, and Megan Fox. But the truth is, most of them don’t achieve this look naturally. They allegedly get it through the infamous ponytail facelift. But rest assured, not all hope is lost if you don’t want to shell out a large sum for the microscopic procedure. All you need to do is change up the way you place your false eyelashes.

TikToker, mua.alle, put the hack to the test by drawing a slanted line at the corners of her eyes using a liquid liner pen and placing her lashes at an upward angle. She then completes the illusion by filling in the gap between the lashes and her natural lash line using the liquid liner. The final result is incredibly striking and almost changes her whole facial structure.

@mua.alle LETS DO IT! What do you think? #fyp #foryou #makeuphacks #hack #beautyhacks #beautyhack #mua #eyelinerhack #eyeliner #liner #lashes #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – MUA.ALLE

This hack is an easy way to achieve a sultry look for photos, events, and so much more!

Ice Ice Baby

Maintaining a perfect complexion can get expensive when you purchase all of your products from the aisles of a beauty store. If you’re a skincare lover, you’ll appreciate the zero-cost aspect of this hack… ICE! That’s all it is – it’s ice, more precisely, ice facials.

As many of you may know, ice helps bring down inflammation and calm redness. Cold water and ice are also great for temporarily closing and shrinking pores. That’s why so many skincare-obsessed TikTokers are fawning over simple ice facials. In this clip, _turnthepaiges fills an empty blush stick container with water, puts it in the freezer, and creates an easy DIY ice facial stick. This is one of those TikTok beauty hacks reminiscent of a sunscreen stick. It makes the application effortless.

@_turnthepaiges No mess facial icing hack #beautyhack ♬ YOU’RE MY SUNSHINE – The Upsided

Since ice closes pores, it’s great to use this hack as a makeup prepping step.

Geometric Eyebrows

From the title of this section, you may think this is some weird stylistic choice for artistic types that you don’t want to try. But I am too happy to report that this eyebrow technique is all about application so that you can achieve the sharpest brow edges.

It gets tiring trying to shape the perfect brows, whether you’re using a pomade, pencil, or powder. Sometimes it can take up the majority of the makeup application process. The TikTok account mua.alle helps us out again by trying this geometric hack. She starts by grabbing her brow pencil and creating a triangular outline. She then fills the centers with the same brow pencil and combs the product through. The technique forms the perfect brow shape without the stress.

@mua.alle HOW DOES THIS WORK? #foryou #fyp #brows #browhack #browhacks #makeuphack #beautyhack #hacks #beautyhacks #eyebrows #browsonfleek #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – MUA.ALLE

I use this technique almost every day, and it works without fail. I never have any messy lines. And let’s be honest, this hack is so much better and more customizable than those silly brow stencil masks that have been floating around the internet recently.

Make it Last

Stepping away from facial TikTok beauty hacks, let’s switch to the body, particularly fragrances. We have all been in a situation where we absolutely love the smell of a body spray or perfume, but the unfortunate part is it doesn’t last more than an hour. This hack that I found by jenn.ofall.trades cures that problem by simply adding some Aquaphor to her wrist and then spraying the perfume directly on top. She reports that it makes the perfume’s smell last longer!

@jenn.ofall.trades #lifehacks #fyp #perfume #perfumehack #smellgood #beautytip #makeuptipstiktok #makeuptip #aquaphor ♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

I wonder if this would work with coconut oil? Be right back – I’m on a mission to find out now!

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No More Frowning

Straight from the beautyhacks TikTok account, I found a lipstick application hack that everyone needs to add to their routine. Similar to the trend of upturned eyes, upturned lips are also in style. But for many, the corners of our lips naturally lay straight or turn downward and leaving us with a frown. But with a little bit of concealer and lip liner, beautyhacks shows us how to give the upswept illusion.

She starts by applying the concealer at the corners of the mouth in a slanted upward position; it almost looks as if she is creating a joker-like smile. The makeup artist in the video, solener_mua, then follows this up by applying lip liner in a typical fashion, except she overlines the bottom corners. Finally, she applies the lipstick, and we are left with a cheeky smile that we all want to achieve.

@beautyhacks Mind-blowing lipstick hack! ? Model: @elena_siberia_paris MUA: @solener_mua #lipstick #lips #lipstickhack #hacks #beautyhacks ♬ original sound – Rickey Thompson

I love this hack because it gives a femme fatale feel that I love when I’m having a night out on the town.

Beauty Hacks Last a Lifetime

Beauty hacks are something that you can pass on for many generations to come, and that’s what I love most about them. I will always cherish the ones my mom taught me growing up, and I can’t wait to pass them on to a daughter of my own.

Has someone in your family ever shared a beauty hack that you will never forget? Have you tried or heard of any of these unique TikTok beauty hacks? What did you think of them? Let us know down below!

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tiktok beauty hacks
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