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Perfume Hacks That Will Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

Perfume Hacks That Will Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

So you spray on a particular fragrance and feel unhappy with its lasting power at the end of the day. Well, try the following perfume hacks and you might be surprised what a difference a few tips can make:

Spray, Don’t Dab!

Number 1 mistake we all have been doing? Spraying perfume on the wrists, then rubbing them together. This kicks the top notes right out, making your fragrance lose its lasting power.

Location, Location, Location

In fact, don’t spray on your wrists altogether. The fragrance can interact with your jewelry, ruining the scent AND tarnishing your accessories. Plus, when you wash your hands throughout the day, chances are you will take away the fragrance along with the rinsing. There are other, more effective pulse points you can take advantage of to make your perfume last longer. Target a couple of areas like your neck, the hollows of your elbows, or better yet, spritz your calves and ankles. This will help the fragrance rise throughout the day.

You can also spray onto hair. This will really lock on the scent, and if you’re worried about alcohol damage (though there is very little damage the alcohol in your fragrance can inflict on your tresses), you can spray some onto your brush before running it through your locks.

Spraying Motion


Or should we call it what it is? Slashing motion. That’s right. Rather than spritzing a wet blob that will end up dripping everywhere, try to apply your fragrance in a slashing motion. That’s how professional perfume consultants (should) do it. That way you get a comfortable mist instead of a dripping mess.


Having your skin well hydrated is the key to holding a scent longer. That’s why women with oily complexions can rejoice knowing their fragrance will last longer. So, those of you with dry skin try the following trick: use unscented lotion or Vaseline onto your pulse points before spritzing perfume to help lock in the scent.

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Another thing you can do to prolong that divine scent is to apply your perfume immediately after showering when your pores are open and can allow the fragrance to lock onto the skin. This will also prevent the perfume from damaging your jewelry or clothing.


Ever wound up buying a fragrance and realizing at home you no longer like it? That’s probably because you were drawn by the top notes of the fragrance, the first ones you smell and those that vanish after a short while anyway. Your skin chemicals can also be the culprits as they interact with the scent, making it smell…well, less nice than on sampling paper. So, next time you’re thinking of trying out a new perfume, spray it onto your wrist and walk through the store a few minutes before giving it the final sniff.

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