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The Best Accessories for the 2022 Summer Season

The Best Accessories for the 2022 Summer Season

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It’s almost summer, and it’s time to put those winter coats, parkas, and scarves back in the closet. There are a ton of looks you can incorporate into your summer wardrobe—doing so just takes a bit of ingenuity. Check out these top accessories for the 2022 summer season that will help you step out in style!

Woven Wicker Bags

Wicker bags are all the rage this year. Their popularity is due to the box-shaped size and woven fibers used to create these enviable accessories. The best bags are handwoven by artisans and incredibly durable. The size alone makes a woven wicker bag perfect for use as a tote to hold your essentials all summer long.

Bucket Hats

As we begin to step out of spring, summer starts to creep in. Hats should still be a part of your wardrobe in summer. Since we lose the most heat from our heads, it’s only proper that we cover them up. Bucket hands give us full coverage from the sun, shading our eyes and protecting our ears. They are also available in any style and color, making them the perfect accessory for any errand. When choosing a bucket hat, it might be wise to stick to pastels and whites to make your outfit pop.

Ankle Bracelets

It’s not uncommon to see people wearing khakis and capri pants in the summer. A wonderful way to offset this look is to indulge in ankle jewelry. This is especially beneficial if you want to draw attention to your shoes, but you can also use different types of ankle jewelry to offset your look. Gold ankle bracelets with diamonds can accentuate sheer white silks and blouses, while silver ankle bracelets work well with darker colors as well. You can even have some fun by using your birthstone to express your personality.

The Power of Shoes

Nothing can save or ruin your look quicker than shoes. With spring coming to a close, you can now start wearing sandals again. We advise you to choose sandals that feature soft, durable fabric so that you can step out in style and comfort. Crocs are another fabulous choice, as they allow you to get creative. Finding something that pops is essential—you want to be proud of your accessories for the summer season.

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Use these suggestions to get creating and develop a style that works for you. There are no wrong answers here! Just put your best foot forward and walk out in style.

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