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Brazilian Wax Tips: What You Need to Know Before and After

Brazilian Wax Tips: What You Need to Know Before and After

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A Brazilian wax — a bikini wax’s more popular, more desired cousin — allows you to remove every single strand of hair around your vagina in a relatively pain-free manner. It’s how you get that dolphin-smooth skin you’ve always loved and desired. No more stray pubes, no more razor burn; that’s the dream!

Want to get in on it? Here are some tried-and-tested Brazilian wax tips that will make both pre-prep and aftercare a breeze, ensuring you have the best experience and results possible.

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Grow Out Your Hair

For the best results, don’t shave before your appointment. Shaving can not only sensitize your skin but it may also cause your hair to grow at uneven lengths, making it much more difficult for the wax to grip the hair. Instead, let your hair grow out to about a quarter of an inch, or the size of a grain of rice.

If your hair is longer than that, give yourself a little trim as long hair strands overlap each other and can make it harder for the wax to grab the base of the hair. So, for the best experience, grab a scissor and go snip-snip.


Use a gentle exfoliating scrub on the area a day or two before your waxing session. It will help get rid of any dead skin and allow the wax to stick to your hair better.

brazilian wax tips

Regular exfoliation might make your skin more sensitive to pain, so opt for gentle dry brushing or exfoliating with a very gentle scrub or washcloth instead.

Take a Shower

brazilian wax tips

Take a warm shower/bath right before your appointment. It will help soften the hair cuticles and pores in the no man’s land, making the entire process less painful overall. Alternatively, you can use baby wipes to keep your pubic area clean if you can’t take a shower in the middle of your day.

Don’t Apply Any Products

Yes, lotions and oils are fantastic for hydrating the skin, but they can interfere with the wax’s ability to grip the hair and make the hair removal process very cumbersome.

Steer away from using any products on your bikini area on the day of the waxing appointment. If you want to hydrate your skin, use something light like aloe gel that can also easily be wiped away and won’t make your skin greasy.

brazilian wax tips

Schedule Your Wax Around Your Period

When shark week comes knocking, we’re at the height of our pain sensitivity. Why would we want to add to it? And while most salon technicians will not shy away from navigating around the tampon string, it’s always better to check ahead of time whether the salon is cool with it.

Try to schedule your visit about three days after your period ends. This is when your pain threshold will be higher, so your waxing session will go along much more smoothly.

Avoid Drinking Before the Procedure

The idea of getting a technician up close and personal with your vagina can seem intimidating. And while liquid courage does help you shoot your shot at that cute stranger in a bar, it won’t be much help in the Brazilian wax department.

Avoid stimulants like coffee and alcohol since they can cause your pores to tighten, making your skin more sensitive to pain. This can make the procedure much more painful and may even result in bleeding.

Take Painkillers

Waxing of any kind is painful, but waxing the genital area can be one of the most painful experiences. If you have a low pain threshold, we suggest taking the recommended dose of Advil or Ibuprofen 30-45 minutes before your wax appointment to ensure a pain-free waxing experience.

You can also use a numbing cream to help alleviate the pain. A Brazilian wax can hurt real bad the first time around, but it gets better with time as the hair grows back less coarse.

Don’t Be Nervous

brazilian wax tips

But if you’re a newbie, the anticipation can be nerve-wracking. Try not to be too nervous about disrobing or being exposed. A waxing professional has seen it all.

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You can also take some time to talk to the professional about your comfort level, the type of Brazilian wax you want, and whether they recommend any particular post-care. Some technicians also tweeze out the stray hairs. Talk to yours if you don’t want that done.

OTC Treatments For the Win

Following your appointment, there will most likely be some discomfort, redness, inflammation, and sensitivity in the area. An over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream can help prevent inflammation and lessen the possibilities of irritation and infection.

You may also want to put a hold on your exfoliation regime for at least 72 hours to avoid more skin irritation. Just leave your skin alone for a day and the redness should go away overnight.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Post-wax, your skin will be red, irritated, raw, and very sensitive. Wearing tight panties and clothing can increase friction and irritation on freshly waxed skin.

Allow your nether regions to breathe for a day or two. Wear soft, comfy underwear and loose pants or shorts both before and after your consultation. It will prevent chafing and give your lady bits more room to heal.

Keep Away From Strenuous Activities

Do you hit the gym regularly or do love your daily runs? Well, it’s time to take a breather. Avoid any strenuous activities that will cause you to sweat — such as exercise, sex, or visiting the beach — for at least 24 hours after your session.

When it comes to cleansing yourself after a wax, we recommend a lukewarm or cool shower because hot water might dehydrate your skin. On the same note, you should steer away from saunas and hot tubs post-waxing.


We hope these Brazilian wax tips can help you make a more informed decision in your journey to getting that ultra-smooth vajayjay you desire. Getting your bikini area waxed can be intimidating, but it’s never as bad as you’re expecting. Just make sure you keep your lady parts clean and hydrated and always go to a professional to get the best results!

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