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Simple Ponytail Styles to Try This Summer

Simple Ponytail Styles to Try This Summer

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Depending on your home’s climate, it can get hot and humid and create a hairstyle dilemma. The easy solution for many in the summer is pulling their hair into a quick ponytail and getting it off their necks and out of their faces. An issue with this is some say that they get tired of the same boring pony and would like to spruce it up a bit.

Here are some simple ponytail styles to try this summer that won’t bore you!

Power Pony

The power pony is a sleek, long, bold ponytail style that is easy to do and makes a statement. There are no special tactics to achieve this other than pulling your hair back tightly and wearing the pony long and sleek.

If your hair is short, consider trying out one of the many types of extensions to accommodate this style. Try to aim for setting the pony at the center of your head’s natural crown to create a lifted face and smooth edges.

Braided-Back Pony

A braided-back ponytail is a unique twist on a traditional pony, and it brings together the fun of braids while gathering all your hair on a hot summer day.

You can braid back your hair around the frame of your face into a low pony, or you can combine a loose French braid on the top of your head and bring it to a power pony in the back. There are various ways to achieve a braided-back pony, so use your hair’s texture to determine what’s best for you.

Retro Pony

The retro pony is a case of classic meets modern. This style works great for special occasions and elevates casual outfits.

Pull your hair into a power pony and smooth and shine your edges and any loose hairs. Take a curler or hot iron and roll the ends of your ponytail toward the sky to create a flip. Remember to spray your hair liberally to secure the hold.

The No-Holder Ponytail

If your hair is long enough or you’re wearing extensions, the no-holder ponytail is a simple ponytail style to try this summer, especially when you’re on the go. Divide your hair in half at the base of your skull and wrap your hair around itself into a knot. You can use bobby pins to secure the hold or twist your hair into a knot and pull. This works best for hair with more texture.

Summer can wreak havoc on your locks, even after you spend time straightening or curling. Hopefully, these ponytail tips can help you combat the humidity and get you back to feeling good about your hair!

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