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How to Make Heels More Comfortable

How to Make Heels More Comfortable

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make heels more comfortable

Wearing heels enhances the feminine silhouette and is a cultural norm for office settings and formal events. However, they also have the undesirable effect of making our feet ache and blister.

Is there a way to make heels more comfortable?

Luckily, we’re going to share some secrets with you that can help you wear your favorite pair of heels with zero to minimal discomfort. There are a few things you can do as well as products you can use to make wearing heels more pleasant and comfortable.

Curious to know what they are? Let’s take a look.

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Reduce the Height

If you want to make heels more comfortable, stick with heels that are at most 3 to 3.5 inches tall. Anything higher will wreak havoc on your feet and will make wearing them a painful nightmare.

If you can’t stop wearing your favorite ultra-high heels, visit a shoe repair shop to see if they can reduce the height and make them more comfortable. Even half an inch to an inch less can make a world of difference to your shoes’ wearability.

Change How You Walk

make heels more comfortable

Are you walking the right way so your feet don’t hurt?

The way you walk in heels can radically affect how comfortable your feet are. To wear your heels without the pain you’ll need to learn to walk a little bit differently than usual.

To do it, use your core muscles, hips, and legs to move forward. As you walk, your step should be light and a bit bouncy. Your stride should also be shorter than your regular ones.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally to you right away. Practice makes perfect. If you need to, walk around in heels around the house until you feel like you’ve got it down pat.

Stretch Them Out

Are you trying to break in new heels? New shoes can be painful to break in, even more so if they’re heels. To break them in more quickly, pull on a pair of thick socks, then wear your heels and walk around the house.

The more you walk, the faster you’ll be able to break them in. Socks can help your shoe stretch while giving your feet some protection so they don’t feel pinched. After the breaking-in period, your shoes will have a better fit and feel.

Wear Padded Inserts

Are you experiencing uncomfortable pressure on your soles when wearing heels? The gel shoe inserts from Macy’s are game-changers. It offers just the right cushioning and support to prevent your feet from sliding excessively inside your shoes.

Plus, the design is virtually invisible so it doesn’t really change the look of your heels. All the pros, none of the cons — just the way we like it!


If you’re looking for added support to specific parts of your foot, consider:

  • Foot cushions to improve shock absorption while offering pain relief
  • High heel insole inserts to cushion your heel and aid in weight distribution
  • Toe guards to prevent painful or uncomfortable rubbing between the toes

We know it sounds bizarre but it’s been known to work for many women. To have a painless shoe experience, try taping your third and fourth toes together to alleviate some of the pressure from the nerve that contributes to foot pain.

Tape Your Toes

Getting used to this strange hack may take some time but if it helps you wear your heels comfortably, it’s definitely worth the adjustment period.

Use Anti-Blister Sticks or Deodorant

Use transparent anti-blister sticks to lubricate problem areas. This will create an invisible barrier on the skin to minimize pain. Since it’s easy and convenient to carry around, you can just stick it in your purse and have it handy whenever you need it.


Alternatively, you can also use gel deodorant on your feet to prevent chafing beneath uncomfortable straps or tight shoe backs. This can prevent painful and unsightly blisters.

Switch to a Chunkier Heel

If you’re a fan of stilettos and needle-like heels, it’s time to give chunkier heels a chance. They’re not only easier to wear but may even be safer since you’re less likely to trip while wearing them. Plus, you don’t have to be worried whenever you have to walk over a grate and uneven flooring.

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Chunky heels pair well with skinny jeans, cropped sweaters, black leggings, and cropped leather jackets. You can also try wearing chunky-heeled sandals with your favorite summer dress

Another stylish option to try is platforms. They totally add height with significantly less discomfort.

Opt For Styles With Buckles and Straps

make heels more comfortable

Do you feel like your shoes are about to slip off any minute and cause a fashion faux pas?

Heeled shoes with buckles and straps will quickly take care of that. By being sufficiently anchored to your feet, these types of shoes will keep you from tensing different foot muscles just to keep your shoes in place. As simple as that, you avoid all the unnecessary rubbing and irritation that lead to blisters and aching feet.

Wear Them Less

You don’t have to stop wearing heels altogether. Sometimes you just have to wear them less often. For example: don’t put on your heels until you arrive at the event. In the meantime, you can wear a comfortable pair of shoes to and from the event to give your feet a break. If you wear heels to work, take them off while you’re at your desk.

If you don’t like the extra bulk and weight of carrying a pair of shoes around with you, opt for foldable flats. They’re lightweight and work just as well.

You’d be surprised by the difference these small adjustments can make to your feet!

Take Care of Your Heels

Taking care of your heels is a non-negotiable of living with high heels. As the rubber lifts and the soles of high-heeled shoes wear out, you need to ensure that the leather is adequately conditioned. Your heels should also have non-slip pads attached to the bottom to prevent them from becoming uneven and uncomfortable.

If you start noticing damage, take your shoes to the nearest shoe repair shop immediately. Don’t wait for it to get worse! Doing so will minimize the discomfort and damage to your feet.

Now that you know how to make heels more comfortable, it’s time to whip out your favorite pair and put one of these sweet hacks to work. Don’t hesitate to update us on your heel situation by leaving a comment below. We’d love to know which hack helped you conquer the day.

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make heels more comfortable
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