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Purse Storage And Maintenance: 9 Effective Tips And Tricks

Purse Storage And Maintenance: 9 Effective Tips And Tricks

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Purses are a great way to carry around your essentials and flaunt your aesthetic. Whether it’s a clutch bag, a metallic sling, or a scalloped purse, purses can set a strong style statement. You can match your fashionable purse with the right dress to complete your look and make heads turn. Purses sure are a must-have. But when it comes to caring for them, they are often scattered around or dumped in the bottom of your closet. After all, they are highly durable, so what’s the need to store them properly, right? Wrong. Like our clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories, purses, too, need some TLC to keep them looking their best year after year. Whether you have one trusty purse or a horde of them, these 9 easy purse storage tips will help you store them the right way so that they last longer while also helping you save on closet space and money.  

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9 Effective Tips And Tricks For Purse Storage And Maintenance

Purse storage and maintenance don’t have to be a pain. These tips will make storing and caring for purses a breeze. Check them out:

#1. Shelves For Better Shelf Life

Most purses, especially those made of leather, are best stored on shelves instead of being hung on door hooks or doorknobs. Hanging purses adds stress to the handles and can make them stretch and cause wear and tear faster. You can also use a flat ledge to organize your purses. When storing your purses on a shelf or ledge, use acrylic dividers to space them out and make them look more tidy and presentable. You can also show off your purses with clear display cases while protecting them from dust.


#2. Don’t Put All Your Purses In One Basket

Baskets, containers, storage bins, and organizers are other great ways to store your purses and keep them upright and looking neat. You can get one in plastic, wood, wicker, straw, or metal, depending on your preferred choice of material. You can also get a wire basket that you can hang on your door, wall, closet, storage unit, or any other area to save on space. Buy multiple baskets, bins, or containers and sort and store your bags based on color, style, preference, and size. This makes it easier to find them when you’re in a hurry. You can take your pick from a range of cool multi-section organizers that make it easy to stack bags vertically and free up more space in your closet or on the floor.


#3. Stuff Your Purse

No, we didn’t mean with trash or unnecessary items! When your purse isn’t in use, ball up pieces of white acid-free paper and keep them inside your purse to maintain its shape. You can also use newspaper, tissue paper, folded towels, or special pillow inserts for this purpose.

#4. No More Scratches

If the metal parts of your purses have scratches, don’t throw them out. Handbag and footwear repair shops can fix those scratches and make your purse look as good as new. For cheaper purses, you can color over those scratches with a metallic leafing pen, which you can easily find at craft stores.

#5. Use Maintenance Products

Leather ages well on its own. But a little help surely won’t hurt. Depending on the nature of the grain, you’ll need to use either a cleaner and protectant or a leather conditioning cream or spray. When you purchase your purse, ask the shop staff which product works best. If your purse looks a little dull, apply a neutral polish with a soft cloth and wipe it clean to brighten its exterior. During monsoon, remember to use a rain and stain repellant to protect your bag from the rain. This product is also handy if you’re prone to spills!

#6. Clean Your Purse

To clean your purse, remove all the contents first and throw away the things you don’t need. You may find old bills, business cards, expired cosmetics, and other stuff that you no longer use or need. Then give your purse a good wipe down using alcohol-free wipes and turn it inside out. Shake it well and use a lint roller or the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining lint, dirt, and debris. Wash nylon purses by hand with mild soap and water. Then press them with a towel till almost dry and air dry for a few more hours. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning purses, store them in dust bags, felt storage bags, or pillowcases. They protect your purse from the elements and reduce damage. Avoid using plastic polybags for storing leather purses, though, as they stick to the leather and ruin it.

#7. Get An Expert To Clean Your Old Leather Bags

Do you have old, expensive leather bags that look worn out but are still salvageable? Send them to an expert cleaner for a touch-up to prolong their shelf life and get a few more years out of them.

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#8. Keep Zippers In Working Condition

To ensure the zippers of your purse work for a long time, take a little beeswax and run it over the zipper’s teeth. The natural oils in the beeswax work to lubricate and protect the zipper from wear and tear.

#9. Use A Clutch To Store Liquids

If you store your foundation and lotions in your bag, it’s time to get a clutch specifically for this purpose. Use a waterproof, stainproof clutch to store your makeup and skincare products. This makes cleanup easier in case of accidental spills. It also helps you simply shift the clutch from one bag to another instead of having to move all your individual products.   So, there you go! You can refer to these great purse storage and maintenance tips whenever you get a new bag or need some storage inspo! If you have any other tips to keep your purses in top condition, share them with us in the comments below!

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