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Closet Purge: What to Eliminate From Your Wardrobe Right Now

Closet Purge: What to Eliminate From Your Wardrobe Right Now

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If you find yourself constantly saying, “I have nothing to wear,” then you need to do a major closet purge!

Having a large wardrobe is useless if you don’t love every article of clothing that you own.

But consolidating your wardrobe is easier said than done. Many women have no idea what they should eliminate from their closets – if this is you, then I’m here to help!

Continue reading to find out what you should eliminate during your closet purge!

Clothing From High School

If you’ve been out of high school for a decade or more, this tip is for you! During your closet purge, you should toss clothing items from high school that no longer represent you. These could be old band t-shirts, something with an outdated print/pattern, or even an old boyfriend’s hoodie. Your closet needs to speak to who you are as an adult, not who you were at 16.

Bridesmaid Dresses

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Skip this one if you’re super sentimental about formal wear.

As we get older and friends start getting married one after another, we start a collection of bridesmaid dresses. Your friends are always super sweet and tell you they picked something you could wear again. But the truth is, you’ll never wear it again (not even if you shorten the dress) – it’s time to toss it. This tip can also work for prom dresses if you wish.

Old Trendy Clothes

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Remember when all things 90s fashion came back into style during the mid-2010s? Well, this is no longer the case. If you have clothing you bought simply because they were trendy five years ago and haven’t worn since it’s time to chuck it out during your closet purge.

Anything Cracked/Weathered

This tip is simple and refers to items made from leather and faux leather materials. That includes purses, belts, and shoes. If it’s faded or cracked, it no longer looks good. To make you look and feel your best, your clothing and accessories need to look great too.

This tip can also refer to graphic tees past their prime. If the graphic is peeling and cracked, it’s time to purge it or designate it as a bedtime shirt.

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What to do With the Closet Purge Haul

If you have a large wardrobe, you should now have a gigantic anti-haul of old clothing – but what do you do with it all? Well, I have two suggestions!

If you want to see your haul gone today, donate it to your local thrift shop. It’s that simple!

If you want to make some extra cash, take some of the more high-value items you may be getting rid of and list them on a clothing resale platform.

Keep What Makes You Happy

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Fashion trends come and go, but the clothes that make you look and feel great don’t have to. A wardrobe that represents who you are and how you like to express yourself will always be more in fashion than any current trend.

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