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How to Style a Belt Flawlessly Like a Pro

How to Style a Belt Flawlessly Like a Pro

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how to style a belt

Belts are the number one, most underrated accessory. Why? Like jewelry, they’re a simple way to upgrade your outfits and add interest. Belts can glam up a boring outfit, define the waist, or add curves. How to style a belt depends on your body type, look, and occasion.

Most of the general public will throw on whichever belt they have in their closet without much thought. But did you know the right belt could make or break your outfit? It’s true! The location of where a belt sits on your waist greatly affects the overall look of your outfit.

Belt Location

The natural waistline is the ideal spot to place your belt because it defines and slims down your midsection.

If you’re short-waisted, position your belt lower than the waistline in front. If you’re busty and want that “snatched waist” look, position your belt just above your natural waist.

Wearing a wide belt around your hips creates curves. Elastic waist belts are comfortable and stretch along your body. They’re chic paired with body-conscious dresses and tunics. If you’re petite, a hip belt actually makes you look shorter, so keep this in mind when belt shopping.

Belts highlight the part of the body they lie across. Do you want to draw more attention drawn to your waistline? Grab a waist belt that compliments your outfit. If you want to enhance your hips, opt for a hip belt instead.

Belts with a thick waist look best on women with longer torsos because they give the illusion of an hourglass and make them look more proportional. On the flip side, short-waisted women look better in thin belts because they don’t cover most of their midsections.

Belts are for more than just pants. Pair them with tunics, shirtdresses, and maxi dresses.

Know Your Waistline

Do you have a thin, thicker, or average waistline? Are you short-waisted or long-waisted? Some figures look amazing in wide belts, while thin belts are more flattering on different body types.

Belts For Thin Waists

If you have a well-defined waist and a proportional body shape, accentuate your figure with a belt worn around the narrowest part of your waist. This looks great on pear or hourglass shapes.

how to style a belt

Belts For Short Waists

If you have a shorter torso, wide belts may be a bit of a challenge. A too-wide belt will swallow you visually. Thinner belts will make you look more proportionate.

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how to style a belt

Belts For Thick Waists

Look for solid color belts if your body type is a rectangle or inverted triangle and you have little to no definition in the waist. This will create a more defined, curvy look.


Belts For Full Waists

If you’re more of an apple body type, wide belts will look amazing on you. Stretchy elastic belts help define the waist and will be most comfortable.


Color Matching

Let go of the idea that your belt absolutely has to match your shoes. This is an old-fashioned style tip that’s reserved for more conservative dressers. For a fun and casual look, wear a mismatched color or pattern.

Are you wearing red pumps? You don’t have to wear a red belt. Shake it up! Instead, go for black, white, or metallic. An ornate statement belt can be a fun way to enhance your outfit. Animal print, tassels, patchwork – the possibilities are endless.

how to style a belt

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how to style a belt
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