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10 Apartment Hacks That You Didn’t Know You Needed

10 Apartment Hacks That You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Thinking of revamping your rental apartment? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Just because you’re only renting doesn’t mean you can’t create an apartment look that is totally you, right? And since you have no idea when you will vacate your rental, you want makeover hacks that are not too expensive and not too permanent. 

Here are 10 apartment hacks to transform your rental into your dream home!

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1. A Stylish Entryway

apartment hacks

Get your creative juices flowing and transform your apartment’s entryway into a work of art. You would want to be pleased the moment you step into your abode. 

Dress up your wall by hanging a chic mirror, which is also useful when you need a last-minute touchup. We love this budget-friendly round wall mirror from Macy’s. Its sculpted silver geometric frame will add a chic vibe to your wall.

Also, get yourself some really cool hooks for bags and coats, or a coat rack if you have a bigger space. Add a lovely snake plant, plus a slim and hip basket for your umbrellas. You can also elevate the area with a chair— which you can use to slide in and out of your footwear.


2. Art, Art, and Art

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Create a cozy and visually arresting rental by hanging art on your walls. They don’t even have to be expensive paintings. You can frame a beautiful postcard, a movie poster, your photography, or your personal drawings.

You can also unleash your inner artist by painting on the walls yourself! Create a mural or hang a life-size painting on your wall and surprise your guests with your unique art.


3. Decorate the Nooks

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Sprucing up entryways, hallways, landings, and every nook and corner can dramatically transform your rental. Style these corners with a small table, or a dresser, or a chair.

If you’re opting for a dresser or a small end table, you can even elevate the look by adding a vase. This large stoneware vase from H&M is an art in itself, that it can look great even without a plant or flowers in it.


This rattan basket mirror from H&M can liven up any corner. You can toss in coins, keys, and knickknacks, too.


4. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

apartment hacks

Save time and money with adhesive wallpapers. Yes! Easy-to-stick wallpapers that you can simply peel and stick on your wall. Because they’re cheap, you can even get several designs— one for each room.

These removable wallpaper stickers can also be useful if you want to dress up a table, your laptop, your cabinets, your fridge, or even your headboard. They are easy to cut, too, so you can have the freedom to manipulate their shape and size to suit your creative needs!


5. Pretty Lighting Fixtures

apartment hacks

When you moved into your rental, you didn’t like the eyesore flush-mounts or bulbs sticking out of your ceilings. Now is the time to get pretty lighting fixtures to accentuate any space in your apartment.

Cozy it up with pretty pendant lamps and chandeliers. This definitely adds color, design, and style to your apartment. Macy’s has a nice selection of budget-friendly lighting, particularly chandeliers to elevate your home decor. 


6. Go Eclectic

Who says everything has to match? If you are an apartment-hopper, you will definitely find yourself facing various types of walls, architecture, and layout. Reuse whatever furniture you have and combine old and new, antique and modern. Because why not?

Do not spend on home decor every time you move into a new apartment. Use your old collection of decor and furniture and assemble them in new and exciting ways.

7. Prettify Those Windows

Window treatments can add sophistication to any room. Add class and depth to any room by installing either shades that allow sunlight to make warm glowing lines across your walls– or romantic, flowy curtains.

If you need to block out the light, Roman blinds would be perfect. You can also opt for duette blinds, Venetian blinds, or vertical blinds. Pick the window treatment that suits your bedroom motif, your personality, and its capacity to block out sunlight so you can sleep in longer.


8. DIY Baskets, Boxes, And Racks

Organize your stuff with rustic and aesthetically pleasing old items that you never knew could prove useful. Get crafty and turn an old, rusty rake into a classy wine rack. Or, you can gather old wicker baskets, dust them up, and use them as bathroom organizers or storage pieces.

You can also transform old soda boxes into a storage of canned goods for your pantry. You can decorate these soda boxes however you like. You can also cover these boxes with adhesive wallpaper or craft paper, and label accordingly. 


9. Throw Pillows

Accentuate your sofa or couch. If you are sick and tired of your old couch, you can pimp it out with brand new throw pillows.

Do not underestimate the transformative power of bold colors and patterns in your throw pillows. If your couch is neutral-colored, it is much better to get colorful throws. The throws don’t even have to match— you can simply coordinate them.

We love some of the unique throw pillows from H&M: from artsy illustrated ones to tufted and fringed, their gorgeous pillows can brighten up a dull couch.


10. Liven Things Up With Paint

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Old things, ugly things— paint them with new and exciting colors. Breathe life into an otherwise sad room by choosing paint with vibrant colors. Think deep purple, sky blue, canary yellow, or fire-engine red.

A fresh coat of paint can transform your rental into an entirely unrecognizable space and provides an exciting newness to your surroundings. Do not be afraid of color.

If paint is too expensive, you can spruce up your walls by hanging a giant decorative fabric (like a mandala design), a big mirror, or even giant decals. They need not be pricey— just gorgeous!


User-friendly Items

Since you’re revamping a temporary space, use nifty items for your interior decorating project. You’d need structural hooks, Command Strips by 3M to hang decor, adhesive mats, scissors, hammer, nails, paintbrush, and others.

Even if you’re merely renting, it is essential to put a lot of love into decorating. It’s your current sanctuary, and staying in a beautiful space can do more than just lift your mood— it can also heal your tired soul!

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