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Date Night: 5 Jewelry Styles to Wear for a Night Out

Date Night: 5 Jewelry Styles to Wear for a Night Out

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Whether it’s a night out on the town with your closest, most fabulous friends or a romantic evening with your significant other, your outfit for the occasion is everything. As the clothing style can vary from a flattering dress to your favorite top and jeans, you need one unifying aspect to act as the final touch.

When it comes to accessories, jewelry completes the ensemble. Like clothing styles, the choices can vary due to your tastes. Here are five jewelry styles to wear for a night out that could elevate your evening outfit.


There’s nothing wrong with an understated, classic look since it can’t ever do you wrong. If you choose to sport solely metallic jewelry, gold and silver are your best friends.

Whether the focus is to utilize one metal that complements your skin tone or add a bit of visual interest by mixing components, metallic accessories are a must-have for every collection.


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Incorporating a few glamourous accents into your ensemble is a fantastic way to start if you’re all about taking things to the next level. You can channel your inner Hollywood starlet with a few diamond accent pieces or sport a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings.


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Of course, who doesn’t love a bit of drama in their outfits? Statement pieces are straightforward in their mission and command attention. Pendants are eye-catching accessories that usually incorporate many colors to complement an ensemble or bring out your best features.

Bold statement accessories are best to wear when the clear intention is strutting your stuff and having fun!


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While countries worldwide have their interpretation of jewelry, one aspect they have in common is the amount of time and appreciation put into the accessories to add to their value.

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Exotic jewelry draws influence from their corresponding regions and can add adventurous flair to your favorite jeans and blouse pairing.


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As brilliant and mesmerizing as diamonds are, semi-precious stones like turquoise, aquamarine, and rose quartz are just as beautiful with enough personality to transform an outfit. These stones are perfect in rings, necklaces and fit seamlessly into fashion.

If there is one fashion rule that holds true, it’s that your best outfit is never complete without a bit of sparkle and pizazz. These impeccable jewelry styles to wear for a night out can help you look and feel your best while you’re having fun.

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