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20 Fall iPhone Wallpapers for 2023 (Free Download!)

20 Fall iPhone Wallpapers for 2023 (Free Download!)

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As the leaves fall and the days grow shorter, many of us find ourselves drawn to the cozy comforts of autumn. There’s something about the season that just feels like home. From the warm colors of the leaves to the cool crisp air, autumn is the perfect time to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.

No matter how you enjoy fall, one thing is for sure, it’s a wonderful time of year. So take a moment to slow down, relax and enjoy the season.

Wallpapers are a fun way to change up the look of your phone. From pumpkins to leaves to warm autumn colors, there are tons of great options. Keep scrolling to view our exclusive collection of fall iPhone wallpaper.

How to Download Fall iPhone Wallpaper

Downloading the wallpapers is quite simple.

Tap and hold the wallpaper for approximately 3 seconds. Next, select Add to Photos to save your desired wallpaper to your iPhone’s camera roll.

Will the Fall iPhone Wallpaper Work for Android?

Yes! Although these wallpapers were designed for iPhones, they can be used for Android phones.

On your Android phone, press the image and select Save Image.

How to Set a Wallpaper as a Background or Lock Screen

For iPhone:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Wallpaper, then select Choose New Wallpaper.
  • Choose the image from your camera roll.
  • Adjust the image if desired, then tap Set.
  • Tap Lock Screen to change the Lock Screen image. Set Home Screen to change the home screen wallpaper. Tap Set Both to change both the lock screen and home screen.

For Android:

  • Open the Gallery app.
  • Locate the wallpaper you want to use and tap on it.
  • Tap on the icon with the three dots on the lower right corner of the screen and Set as Wallpaper.
  • Choose between using the image as a home page wallpaper, lock screen or both.

1. Floating Leaves

fall iphone wallpaper

2. Crisp Autumn Morning

3. Neutral Aesthetic

fall iphone wallpaper

4. Nature’s Beauty

5. Autumnal Squash

fall iphone wallpaper

6. Pampas

fall iphone wallpaper

7. Fall Breeze

8. Autumn Landscape

9. Apple Harvest

10. Cozy Sweaters

11. Autumn Moon

fall iphone wallpaper

12. Pile O’ Pumpkins

13. Lonely Acorn

14. Crunchy Leaves

fall iphone wallpaper

15. The River

16. Starry Autumn Night

17. At the Pumpkin Patch

fall iphone wallpaper

18. Autumn Blooms

19. Assorted Acorns

20. Autumn Picnic

21. Dried Foliage

22. Fall Flowers

23. Figs and Flowers

24. Golden Sunrise

25. Single Leaf

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