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Capricorn Season Overview

Capricorn Season Overview

(December 22nd – January 19th) 

Traits: Determined, 

Element: Earth 

Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Symbol: The Sea Goat

Greatest Compatibility: Taurus, Virgo, and PiscesCrystals: Obsidian, tourmaline, and jet

As we move out of Sagitarrius’s expansive and adventurous season, we get ready to welcome the energy of the Capricorn into our lives. Kicking off on December 22nd, the Capricorn season is all about getting more practical. It is a season in which we look at our goals more realistically and start working harder to achieve them. 

As we enter their season, the Capricorn energy is beaming around us all and is likely to affect us in a number of different ways. So, to give you a better idea of what you can expect for the next several weeks, today, we’re going to talk about the Capricorn season. We’re going to cover Capricorn’s personality traits, ruling element, planetary influence, and some of the key energies that the other Zodiac members can expect to feel while we linger in their sign. Let’s get started.

Capricorn Personality Overview      

Starting with their personality, Capricorn is most known for their hard-working nature that always goes above and beyond to succeed. Whether it be professional or personal, the Capricorn is always looking for ways to put more time into making their dreams a reality and will stop at nothing to do so. Outside of this, they are good at following a routine and tend to be more productive when they can lay out a plan. As such, Capricorn usually excels in leadership roles, such as owning a business or managing a company, as they are great at keeping on top of to-do lists and managing their own schedule.

Outside of their most known business-savvy traits, however, the Capricorn also has a fun side that can be a true treasure to get to know. Surrounded by the right people, Capricorn is kind, gracious, and fun and has a naturally calming demeanor about them. They are sensitive souls that are kind to all but are selective about who they let see their true colors and may sometimes hide behind the walls they build. Although, around the right people, Capricorn knows how to be the life of the party and is sure to let loose. 

However, like all the signs, Capricorn can also struggle in some areas of their life, specifically regarding their work. In times of unbalance, this earth sign can often be blinded by success and money to the point of overworking themselves. This can make them greedy, pessimistic, and all-around unpleasant to be around. This can also make them feel stagnant, lost, and unbalanced in their life which can stir up feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety. As such, the Capricorn must remember the importance of balance and remember that true success isn’t measured by status or money but by happiness.

On top of this, Capricorn would also do well not to live too much in the future. While having a goal for the path ahead and following it is great for progress, remembering to appreciate what they have now and find balance in the present is equally important. Not only can this help them to better maintain stress and find a more grounded feeling with where they are now, but it can also help them to remain more present. As such, this should be something that Capricorn aims to work on every single day if they want to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Planetary Influence

When it comes to their planetary ruler, Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Known as the planet of responsibility and determination, this energy is believed to influence Capricorn’s hard-working nature that pushes them to strive continuously for bigger and better things. In addition, Saturn gives off authoritative energy that influences areas of ourselves such as patience, balance, and productivity, which greatly points to Capricorn’s more serious, business-like tone. This is likely what helps them set a more long-term goal and vision for the future and keeps them pushing towards it without signs of faltering. 

Outside of this, as the planet of responsibility, Saturn is also believed to influence a sensible vibe within Capricorn. This energy often makes them feel a need to be responsible and pushes them to say no to anything they consider to be inauthentic. Together, these different influences from Saturn can influence the Cap to be extremely focused and disciplined in all that they do. This can also make Capricorn’s stride seem endless and can give them the energy to keep going time and time again without missing a step. 

Elemental Influence

Next, aside from its planetary ruler, Capricorn is also deeply influenced by its elemental sign: earth. Known as the element of balance, earth is believed to influence the Capricorn’s down-to-earth nature. This is likely what makes the Capricorn so practical and what brings about their desire for more materialistic pleasure. This is also what likely influences parts of their personality outside their work, such as their dependable nature, their calming demeanor, and loyalty to those around them. Earth signs are known to be great friends and lovers. They are nurturing and always encourage people to keep pushing toward their dreams. As such, this elemental influence likely plays a part in the abundance of these traits within this winter sign.

On the other hand, earth signs can sometimes struggle with being critical and stubborn, which can also be seen in the Capricorn sign. They can sometimes have a hard time adjusting to change or thinking outside of the box of the rules they’ve come to live by, which can make it hard for them to expand sometimes. This is because, out of all of the Zodiac, the Capricorn is one of the most goal-oriented. While they may stay closer to the rules and shy away from risks, they are incredibly resourceful and are always looking for practical ways to progress on long-term goals without losing any momentum.

In short, the earth element may help the Capricorn to persevere towards long-term goals. However, it may also influence a bit of resistance in other areas of their expansion that could limit their capabilities or wear them down over time without them even knowing. 

Zodiac Symbol

Next, aside from their ruling planet and elemental sign, each Zodiac sign also has a symbol that represents them and pays homage to their overall Zodiac persona. For the Capricorn, this symbol is represented by the sea goat. 

As a mythological creature that is both a goat and a fish, this symbol likely represents Capricorn’s balance between two different worlds. This likely points to Cap’s hardworking nature that is made for going long distances and climbing the most treacherous heights to reach their goals like a goat while also channeling the perseverance of a fish swimming up rivers toward new areas. Both unique in their own way, these animals are both incredibly hard-working and determined. Together, they likely point to the incredible traits within the Capricorn that keep them pushing towards new things, no matter their environment. 

In times of unbalance, however, Capricorns can sometimes gravitate towards one of these sides more than others, which is when they can often find themselves thrown out of balance. As such, Capricorn should work to find the best of both worlds, whatever their definition is of it, to keep themselves balanced and inspired on their path to success. 

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How does Capricorn season affect other signs? 

Lastly, now that we’ve gone over some of the key traits and correspondences of those born under the Capricorn sign, we also wanted to talk about how this earth sign affects the rest of the Zodiac members while we move through their sign. 

With that said, this season, the signs may feel more inspired to work on their goals and dreams. Whatever it is you can dream, this season, you’re likely to realize that you can make it a reality, which is sure to encourage you to get planning or get moving. As such, you may find that your ambition rises. You may begin to see opportunity in everything around you and may start to work out a plan for how to start taking steps every day to bring your dreams to life. More than anything, this could be the time that you finally feel boosted enough to start taking action on something. 

Outside of hard work, the signs may also find themselves planning for long-term goals in the future. You may find your gaze drifting towards making bigger moves in life, such as building a savings, pursuing a new career, buying a house, or other major life changes. As such, you may begin to take your future more seriously and may start mapping out a realistic plan for how you hope to bring these goals to life. 

This season, the signs could also find themselves feeling more involved with the world around them. While Capricorn tends to keep moving forward, at their heart, they are still an earth sign, the sign of grounding. As such, the signs may find themselves feeling more connected at this time. This could invoke a more practical, down-to-earth attitude within the signs and could remind them of the importance of keeping their feet on the ground. 

Aside from this, while the Capricorn may seem all business on the outside, at their heart, they also love to let loose and have a good time. They enjoy being surrounded by the people they love and making new memories. As such, the signs could find themselves reconnecting with the earthy pleasures of love this season, such as food, travel, people, and new adventures. Whatever it is that sets your heart ablaze, allow yourself to let loose this month and remember to channel the light-hearted and carefree side of the Cap just as much as their goal-oriented side. 

On the other hand, the Capricorn can sometimes become a bit of a workaholic and can sometimes prioritize their work over their own well-being. As such, the signs will need to be careful to keep themselves in check and not let their stride get the better of them. It’s good to put in the work and push forward toward what you want, but don’t allow this to become all that you do. The Capricorn needs to find the importance of balance, and so do you. This season, remember to live by this. 


Overall, the Capricorn season is likely to be a busy season full of hard work and determination. While you may find yourself getting a boost of ambition towards the future, remember to keep your feet on the ground and care for yourself in the process. Above all else, it seems like the perfect season to get your ideas together and start executing them as we move into the new year. Keep dreaming and keep moving forward, and it’s likely to be a great season for progress. 

Happy Capricorn season!

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