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December 2022 Horoscope Predictions: 12 Sign Overview

December 2022 Horoscope Predictions: 12 Sign Overview

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december horoscope 2023

As we move into the last stretch of 2022, a month of transformation awaits us as we all prepare to slow down and get ready to welcome new beginnings in the new year. This year, December will likely focus on our personal endeavors, family life, and planning. As such, this could be a good month for the signs to take some time to reflect, dive within, and start planning out new intentions for the new year.

In terms of planetary influences, this month, we will likely see some major influences from Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter. With that said, at the start of the month, we will welcome Mercury in Capricorn around the 6th, which will likely give the signs a boost in communication and allow better clarity in conversations. Moving into the second week, Venus will move into Capricorn, which could bring our relationships to more of a focus, and could help the signs work through any obstacles within them moving forward. On the 21st, we will enter the Capricorn season, which could encourage the signs to focus more on their goals moving into the new year. Lastly, Mercury retrograde will kick off in the Capricorn sign on the 29th of the month, which is likely to put on the breaks in all areas of our lives to move us more slowly into the new year. 

Overall, December will likely be full of growth, planning, and stillness as we approach 2023. But, to take this a step further, today, we’re going to cover a short summary of December for each of the Zodiac signs to help you understand what energy may be around your sign this month and how you can work to embrace it more in your everyday life. Let’s get started.

Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

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Kicking off with Aries, December will likely bring your life to a much bigger halt than usual. With the planetary movements likely influencing a slower approach to life, you may find yourself slowing down in what you’ve been chasing after. Although, this shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, Aries. While you may typically avoid the slowness, try to look at this slower pace in a new light and use it to take time to slow down your life so that you can enjoy it more.

With the holidays just around the corner, resting and rejuvenating your energy with loved ones is important. The time will come to be rambunctious, but until then, learn to stop and smell the roses. 

At work, this is likely a good month to readjust. Try to analyze yourself from an outside perspective and ask yourself how to do better and work more efficiently to reach your goals. Make the most of the slow pace around you, even if it may feel boring, as it’s likely to be a great stepping stone toward reaching your dreams in the future. 

Romantically, as life slows down, couples could find that their relationship becomes more of a priority. With distraction clearing, this could be a good time for couples to work to reconnect and mend any broken areas of their bond.

For single people, you may not have the best luck in love, and that’s okay. The holidays can make us all a little eager, but you shouldn’t let this rule you. You’re bound to find new love when the time is right. It just may not be on your terms. Try to wait it out, Aries.

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

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For Taurus, December could bring some mixed energy to your life. You could feel content at certain points, while at others, you may feel exhausted and overwhelmed. We know that you can sometimes let your future stress get the better of you, Taurus, which can make you feel very overwhelmed. Try not to let the energy around you sway you so much this month. Focus on the things you love, find ways to release pressure in your life, and just enjoy yourself. 

At your job, work is likely to be swift and smooth this month, and nothing too exciting is likely to be happening. As such, this could be a good time for you to start clearing out the clutter in your work life and crossing off more things on your to-do list. However, remember to keep balance as your number one priority this month., Taurus. If you do that, you’re bound to clear the slate and enjoy more of a blissful, relaxing period moving into the new year. 

Romantically, couples could enter a sensitive period in their love life this month, which could stir greater potential for misunderstandings. Try to keep a clear head between the two of you, and don’t let stress from outside areas of your life get between you.

For those who are single, new love may not be your top priority right now, and that’s okay. Take this month to do you and work to bring some new energies of self-love into your life instead.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

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For Gemini, December could be the next stepping stone in your journey, ushering you toward change. Although the energies around you may be slow, this could be a great month to make some progress on your goals and could help you bridge the gap between your dreams and your reality. Although, just as with the other signs, remember not to avoid getting too caught up in trying to hustle this month.

It’s important to make plenty of time to slow down equally, Gem. If you’re uncertain, trust the flow of the world around you, and work to align with that. When in doubt, the Universe is sure to guide you to where you need to be. 

At your job, while the slow energy of the month is likely working in your favor professionally, you may find some new luck and momentum surrounding your work goals. As such, it may be easier for you to accomplish some of your tasks this month. Try to use this to your advantage, and work to reach new heights in the workplace if that’s what you want. 

Romantically, some intensity surrounding couples could stir the potential for misunderstandings this month. Try not to let any problems sway you, Gem. Focus on the big picture and let small grudges go.

For those who are single, you may meet some fun new people around you this month that could develop into some great friendships. Who knows, you may even find yourself moving into a relationship over time. Have fun and see where the tides of life take you.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

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For Cancer, December could act as a reminder for you of the importance of putting yourself first. While this year was likely a big one full of transformation for you, the last month of 2022 will likely urge you to reconnect and find balance within yourself and the world around you.

Try not to worry so much about all you can get done, but focus on your mental and emotional well-being. Spend time with family, let go of your stresses, and make the most of the moment, Cancer. 

At your job, some expansive energy could circulate around you this month, and it could help usher you closer to new opportunities in the workplace. If you want something different, this may be the time to put the intention out there and go after it. All around, it seems like if you focus on what’s best for you, a steady month likely awaits you, Cancer. 

Romantically, with the current planetary shifts, miscommunications could be likely this month, and couples may need to work a little harder to understand one another. Keep communication strong and remain open with one another, which will help you get through it.

For those who are single, you may have to try harder to draw in new love this month. This could have you leaving your comfort zone or putting yourself out there more. Truly, if you want something new, be ready to fight for it this month.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

For Leo, December, like many of the signs, is likely to encourage a slower approach to your daily life. For Leo’s looking to accomplish a lot, this could bring a lot of frustration. Try not to look at it as an inconvenience, Leo, but as an opportunity to focus on other areas of your life. As families gather for the holidays, try to place your priority on your personal connections and plan out the future.

While taking action now may not bring many results, planning things out and just taking the time to enjoy the moment is bound to offer more rewards in the future than you’ll ever know. Slow down and enjoy it, fire sign. 

While you may be feeling the need to slow down a bit at your job, you’re still likely to be productive in all that you do. With expansion circling you from the surrounding planetary influence, this could make things much steadier in the workplace and have you accomplish more but do less. This could also help you to tie up some loose ends on current projects, which is likely to help you feel more balanced. Overall, it seems like a great month to accomplish things, Leo. 

Romantically, couples may be moving towards a more loving chapter that could help reignite stilled flames. This could ignite a tender and warm vibe between you as we approach the holidays and help you move past stressors that may still affect you.

For those who are single, a new love could present itself to you in exciting new ways this month, bringing a sense of urgency to your love life. Try not to be fueled by the need to act, Leo. Take your time and allow this new love to unfold as it is meant to.

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

For Virgo, the month of December is likely to bring a more thoughtful and peaceful approach to your life that could invite more steadiness to your personal affairs. Just as the winter is mild and calming, allow the season to act as your mentor this month and lure you to a place of steadiness within yourself. While forward movement may not be on your side, take time to plan for the future, slow down, and just enjoy more of the little things. 

At your job, progress is likely to be your friend throughout December, and you may find that this boosts your inspiration. Use this to your advantage, Virgo, and try to make real progress on your work goals. With expansion around you, this is likely to be an auspicious time for you to progress toward the future. Keep pushing, and don’t let anything get in your way!

Romantically, couples could move into a bit of a rough period this month that could stir up the potential for misunderstandings. As such, you should try to tackle any issues with this as they arise. If you can tackle them as they come, they aren’t likely to be a defining factor for your relationship and could help things run more smoothly for you two.

For those who are single, be careful not to rush into new love this month. While it can be tempting to want to cling to someone you may be interested in, this may do more harm than good. Take time this month to find someone who is a good fit and who you can see lingering in your future if you want to find a meaningful and lasting connection.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

For Libra, some new clarity could be entertaining your life this month and help you look to the future with a better vision. With a better idea of what you want and what it will take to get there, this could be a good month for you to start building a plan and doing a little more work behind the curtain.

Try to find ways to make a little progress towards your goals every day, and this month is sure to pass you by. Although, don’t allow your progress for the future to blind you from the things happening around you. Take time to breathe and enjoy all that is present in your life if you want to keep yourself balanced. 

At your job, while you may be feeling productive in your personal life, your work life may stunt its progress a bit, which could make things a little frustrating at times. Instead of worrying about everything you can’t do right now, try to focus on what you can do and see if you can work to progress in other ways. Who knows, this may help to further your progress more than you thought. 

Romantically, couples could move into a more blissful period of steadiness this month, which could help to welcome a calmer and more rejuvenating atmosphere to your space. This could help things run more smoothly and welcome new feelings of tenderness between you.

For singles, you may feel more balanced in love this month, which could help you express yourself more authentically with the people around you. Be yourself and share your wonderful soul, Libra. Who know’s what it could bring?

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

For Scorpio, a steadier month is likely to be in your future for December, and you could find yourself going through a bit of a detox as a result. There’s no doubt about it; this year was a busy one, Scorp, and as we move through the final stretch of it, you could be feeling more stagnant and sluggish than before, and that’s okay. Try not to worry about expectations this month, and instead, just go with the flow around you. Trust your intuition and take the proper time to realign. You’re bound to find where you’re meant to be in no time. 

Things are likely to be shifting and realigning at your job this month, and this could bring a bit of friction or uncertainty. Try not to let this get you down, Scorp. As things change, it often means it’s making way for something better. Who knows, maybe this will even offer you a new perspective on your life moving forward. As such, try just to let things happen as they are meant to this month, and you’re sure to find your place in it all in no time. 

Romantically, couples will likely sail smoothly on the love river this month. If there have been problems or uncertainties in the past, allow them to fade away this month and focus on each other instead.

For those who are single, you may find yourself feeling more outgoing this month, and this could make way for some bold decisions moving forward. If you seem to be moving into something new, trust your heart, Scorp, and make sure you know what you’re signing up for before you commit.

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Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st):

For Sagittarius, a month of sorting things out is likely to be in the future for you in December. As the year comes to an end, you may be feeling more adventurous than usual while also feeling a need to get more focused on getting your life together. If this sounds like you, try to find a balance in your life this month. Get your affairs in order, but also remember the joy of having some fun. If you can find a balance between work and play, it’s sure to be a steady one. 

At your job, your work life could feel a bit up and down this month. At times, you may feel steady, while at other times, things could feel a bit off. Try to figure out why things feel this way this month. Is it maybe that this job isn’t a good fit anymore? Is there something you can do right now that could improve it? Follow your heart and trust your instincts to guide the way toward the best choice for yourself moving forward. 

Romantically, couples may be urged to work on the issues between them this month. While this may not be the most welcoming thing in your love life, it can certainly help you two settle your differences and move forward stronger. As such, take time to work to improve the weak areas between the two of you if you can.

For singles, this could be a good month for you to get a little more social. With luck likely to be lingering around your romantic affairs, this could be a good time for you to build new connections. Who knows? Maybe it’ll help you find the perfect match after all.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

For the Capricorn, December could feel a bit like a rollercoaster for you this year. While some days you may find that things go your way, other times you could be feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of it, and that’s okay, Cap. It’s okay not to feel 100% all the time, and if you find that to be a theme for you this month, try to disconnect and spend some time with the ones you love.

Try to put more of a focus on the things you love, and try to work with the flow of energy around you rather than against it. With faith and trust in the Universe, you’re sure to find your way in no time. 

At your job, you may struggle with getting what you need done this month or may have difficulty focusing on tasks. Don’t beat yourself up about this, Cap. If you’re struggling, try talking to a friend or coworker about it and see how you can get some motivation back. Outside of work, try to detox and recenter yourself as you take small steps to get back into it. With a little patience and kindness toward yourself, this should help you get back on track in no time. 

Romantically, a beautiful new period of love could blossom for couples this month, and it could allow you two to connect and detox the way you need to. Allow your worries to slip away, and try to focus on spending some time with each other.

For those who are single, finding new love may take more effort than usual this month, and you may have to try several times before something bites. Try not to put pressure on finding new love. But instead, see it as another part of your life. Once you stop chasing after it, you may find it comes chasing after you.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

For the Aquarius, the month of December is likely to be a good one in terms of rest and recovery. While a lot of the Zodiac members may find agitation in the slower approach that this month is presenting us, you’re likely to kick your feet up and find your place within it all. As such, try to let your worries fall aside this month and just enjoy yourself. Focus on self-care, your family, and your friends, or simply, just do more of the things you love. Either way, this seems like a great time to just unwind and relax. 

At your job, your goals could be in reach this month, Aqua, and this could have you feeling quite good about yourself. Not to mention, the reassurance of all your hard work paying off is likely to help you to channel more motivation and inspiration at your job. If you keep working hard and listening to your heart, you’re bound to finish in no time. Keep it up!

Romantically, moving beyond the hardships, this could be a good month for couples to connect better with one another. Let the past slip away, and focus on your present and future together.

For those who are single, a new love could be entering your life this month, and this could have you moving forward with a more confident attitude. Keep your heart open and put on your best behavior. This could be the love of a lifetime, but you won’t know until you try.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

For Pisces, with all that’s happening as the year comes to a close, you may find yourself feeling a bit flustered with all that there is to do. But fear not Pisces, that doesn’t mean you’ll end the year badly. In fact, this energy could serve as a reminder for you of the importance of slowing down and finding balance. You don’t have to finish everything right now, and you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to do so. Choose to detox from your stress these next few weeks and save some work to be done in the new year. There’s no need to rush. 

At your job, while things may be feeling a bit overwhelming in your personal life, your work life is likely to still be going strong. As such, this is likely to be a great month for you to get on track with your work and get ready to welcome new things ahead of you in the new year. Stay confident, and don’t let anything stand in your way. 

Romantically, couples could be faced with some challenges at the start of the month, but this will only set the tone for you two if you let it. Work to overcome these issues as quickly as they arise if you want a smoother sailing month ahead of you.

For those who are single, you could find yourself luckier in love this month, which could make connecting with new people feel effortless. Follow your heart, and if it’s pulling you towards someone new, trust it. 


In conclusion, December is likely to be a month full of change for us all. Whether that’s encouraging us to slow down, plan ahead, or put more of a focus on self-care, get ready for a steadier pace to take over your life as we move forward into the new year and say goodbye to 2022 once and for all.

Happy December!

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