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20 Best Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

20 Best Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

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Barbie is one of the most popular dolls in the world, and she has been a symbol of femininity and beauty for decades. But what about when Barbie grows up?

Some imagine Barbie as a successful businesswoman dressed in a power suit and carrying a briefcase. Others imagine her as a glamorous socialite, wearing designer clothes and hobnobbing with the rich and famous. And still, others imagine her as a mother and homemaker with a loving husband and a couple of kids.

Whichever version of Barbie you prefer, one thing is for sure: she always looks fabulous!

With all the hype surrounding the release of the Barbie film starring Margot Robbie, we predict Barbie Halloween costumes will trend this year. If you’d like to join the fun, we found 20 Barbie Halloween costume ideas to inspire you.

1. 1950s Original Barbie Inspiration Costume

barbie halloween costume ideas


Who can resist a costume based on Barbie’s original look from 1959? A black and white striped sweetheart one-piece swimsuit and a pair of heels gets the job done.

2. 1980s Workout Barbie Costume

barbie halloween costume ideas


This Barbie workout outfit is created with a leotard, fanny pack, leg warmers, and sneakers. No leg warmers on hand? No problem! Cut a pair of long pink socks off at the ankle for instant legwarmers.

3. Barbie Diva Costume

barbie halloween costume ideas


This look can be accomplished by piecing together a few items from your wardrobe. Pink top? Check. Denim jacket? Check. Add a black mini skirt and some heels, and you’re good to go.

4. Margot Robbie Barbie Movie-Inspired Costume

barbie halloween costume ideas


This look is based on photos from stills released from the Barbie movie. This pink western look includes a cowboy hat, cute fitted vest, scarf, bell-bottom pants, and platform boots.

5. Bubble Gum Barbie Costume

barbie halloween costume ideas


Be the belle of the Halloween party with this super-cute Barbie costume! Add a strapless pink dress, sheer shrug, and a bow headband.

6. Pretty in Pink Barbie Costume

barbie halloween costume ideas


If you love pink, you may have all the components to put together this adorable Barbie costume! Wear a pink blazer over a two-piece skirt outfit, then add pink shoes and a bag.

7. Latex Barbie Costume

barbie halloween costume ideas


This sexy Barbie costume was created with a latex dress and boots. A pair of white or pink sunglasses completes the look.

8. Toy Story Inspired Barbie and Ken


Here’s a cute couple’s costume sure to impress at your next Halloween party. For Barbie, wear a spandex bodysuit, cinched belt, and striped socks or leg warmers. Ken is wearing a button-down shirt, belted shorts, a handkerchief, and loafers.

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9. Gory Barbie Princess Costume


Here’s another look you can easily create at home. A pink bodysuit with an A-line skirt is worn with a kid’s Barbie purse and tiara. Top with a pink fuzzy jacket perfect for a chilly Halloween night. If you’ve got the skills, add some gory makeup for a creepy effect.

10. Pinktastic Barbie Costume


Want a cute Barbie costume that you’ll be tempted to wear after Halloween? A Barbie tank is worn with a pink mini skirt, heels, and pink framed sunglasses.

11. Barbie in the Nutcracker-Inspired Costume


Here’s a take on Barbie from the hit film Barbie in the Nutcracker. A corset and tulle skirt is worn with ballerina slippers and a tiara.

12. Barbie Boss Babe Costume


A two-piece crop top suit can work as a last-minute Barbie costume. Best of all, you can wear it as a regular outfit after Halloween!

13. Pink Tulle Barbie Halloween Costume


This Barbie costume can be replicated with any pink tulle dress, sunglasses, and heels.

14. Creepy Barbie Halloween Costume


Turn a pink bodycon dress into a costume by adding a tiara and Barbie logo necklace. Add some bloody costume makeup for a creepy vibe.

15. Gruesome Barbie and Ken Costumes


Here’s a couple’s costume that will win best dressed at your next Halloween party. Ken is wearing a pink striped shirt, shorts, and loafers. Barbie is in a pink strapless bodycon dress and heels. The gruesome makeup brings the look over the top.

16. Glamorous Barbie Costume


Here’s a Barbie look that’s totally glam. A strapless pink balloon sleeve dress is paired with a tiara and marabou trim heels.

17. Pink Power Barbie Costume


Receive a last minute invitation to a Halloween party? No worries. This pink Barbie costume is just what you need. Grab a pink crop top, cardigan, and pink mini skirt for this super-cute look.

18. 1950s Barbie-Inspired Costume


Here’s a costume based on a classic 1950s Barbie. To recreate this vintage look, a mock turtleneck top is worn with long pink gloves and a pencil skirt. A Barbie brooch kicks the costume up a notch.

19. 1980s Inspired Barbie Costume


Here’s a cute ’80s Barbie look that’s simple to replicate. Pick up a pink prom dress from a thrift store, add a bag and shoes, and voila!

20. Dazzling Diva Barbie Costume


This simple but classy costume packs a punch. Combine a black fitted top, tulle shirt, and sash. Add a necklace and pink sunglasses to complete the look.

Save the image below to Pinterest so you can come back later!

barbie halloween costume ideas
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