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28 Simple Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Try at Home

28 Simple Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Try at Home

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Halloween makeup is one of the most popular ways to transform yourself into a spooky character. Whether you’re looking to be a sexy cat, a ghoulish zombie, or an elegant vampire, there’s a Halloween makeup look for you. One of the best things about Halloween makeup is that it’s a great way to express your creative side.

How to Create the Perfect Halloween Makeup

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect Halloween makeup look.

Choose a character or style. Decide what kind of look you want to create. Do you want to be a scary witch or a cute cat?

Choose your colors. Once you know what look you want to create, choose your colors. You can find Halloween makeup kits that come with everything you need, or you can pick and choose your own products. If you create your own look, ensure to use safe products for your skin type.

Apply your base. Start with a clean, makeup-free face.

Apply a light layer of foundation or primer. This will help your products go on smoothly and last longer.

Apply your eyeshadow. Use a light hand when applying your eyeshadow. Choose colors that complement your costume. For example, if you are going as a witch, you might want to use black, green, or purple eyeshadow.

Apply your eyeliner. Use a thin brush to apply your eyeliner. You can create different looks by changing the thickness of your line or the direction you apply it.

Apply your mascara. Choose a waterproof mascara to help prevent smudging.

Apply your lipstick or lip gloss. Choose a color that compliments your costume. You can also use a lip liner to help create different looks.

Simple Halloween Makeup Inspiration

With a little imagination and practice, you can turn yourself into almost any character you can think of. We’ve found 22 simple Halloween makeup looks you can recreate at home.

1. Marge Simpson

simple halloween makeup


2. Witch

simple halloween makeup


3. Leopard

simple halloween makeup


4. Daphne of Scooby Doo

simple halloween makeup


5. Glam Pirate

simple halloween makeup


6. Violet Beauregarde of Willy Wonka

simple halloween makeup


7. Candy Corn Girl


8. Bunny

simple halloween makeup


9. Freddy Kreuger

simple halloween makeup


10. Jessica Rabbit

simple halloween makeup


11. Squid Games


12. Harley Quinn


13. Mrs. Incredible


14. Sorceress


15. Bloody Cut Crease


16. Devil


17. Ms. Frankenstein


18. Joker


19. Glam Clown


20. Cleopatra


21. Morticia Adams


22. Bat Girl


23. Vampire


24. Mummy


25. Scarecrow


26. Bonnie Parker


27. Cat


28. Broken Doll


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