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23 Neutral Halloween Decor Ideas to Create a Spooky Chic Vibe

23 Neutral Halloween Decor Ideas to Create a Spooky Chic Vibe

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When it comes to Halloween decorations, there are two camps: those who love to go all out with spooky, gory, and over-the-top displays and those who prefer to keep things more subdued. If you fall into the latter category, you might be wondering how to create a Halloween look that is both festive and tasteful. One way to achieve this is to focus on neutral Halloween decor.

Whether you’re looking to decorate for a Halloween party or want to add a few festive touches to your home, there are plenty of ways to do so without going overboard. Here are 23 neutral Halloween decor ideas you can incorporate into your home.

1. Neutral Tabletop


Vintage lace broom on a bird cage, pillar candles, and an antique book.

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2. Earthy Halloween Table Display

Neutral Halloween Decor


Spray-painted skulls, a miniature tree, pumpkins, bottle candlesticks, and creepy cloth.

3. Neutral Spooky Fireplace

Neutral Halloween Decor


Neutral candlesticks, votive candles, painted skulls, paper bat cutouts, and a gold skeleton.

4. Creepy Corner

Neutral Halloween Decor


Antique paper ghost garland, distressed lamp, ghost candleholder, crow, and cream faux pumpkin.

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5. Boho Living Room

Neutral Halloween Decor


Skeleton wearing hat and sheer top sitting in a wicker chair, painted pumpkin and gravestones, and disco ball ornaments.

6. Wreath and Tabletop

Neutral Halloween Decor


Ghost garland, paper cutout bats, painted skulls, mini pumpkins, and boho wreath decorated with skulls and cutouts.

7. Neutral Halloween Entryway


Candlesticks, ceramic pumpkins, painted skulls, wicker trimmed mirror, and cutout bats.

8. Neutral Halloween Farmhouse

Neutral Halloween Decor


Creepy gallery wall covered with antique frames sitting above a wooden bench decorated with pumpkins and vintage glassware.

9. Spellbound Tabletop

Neutral Halloween Decor


Farmhouse-style tier tray filled with pumpkins next to antique books, faux pumpkins, and Halloween decor signs.

10. Neutral Halloween Living Room

Neutral Halloween Decor


Metal pumpkin buckets, creepy cloth, paper cutout bats, and a sequin pumpkin.

11. Neutral Boho Halloween Tablescape

Neutral Halloween Decor


Skeleton with boho hat sitting in a wicker chair at a table filled with white plates, candelabras, neutral napkins, and pompom trimmed placemats.

12. Trick-Or-Treat Entryway

Neutral Halloween Decor


Creepy cloth over a wooden table filled with a vase, Halloween-themed art, plastic spiders, faux pumpkins, and paper bat cutouts.

13. Neutral Halloween Dresser

Neutral Halloween Decor


Framed Frankenstein art, small pumpkins, Bride of Frankenstein bust, candlesticks, and an antique mirror covered with creepy cloth and small plastic spiders.

14. Witch’s Halloween Bench


Halloween decor pillows, pumpkins, a spiderweb vase, black lace, and paper cutout bats.

15. Creamy Boho Sitting Area


Faux spiders cover fabric pumpkins, a modern vase, and a crochet stool.

16. Minimalistic Neutral Living Room


This living room is decorated with witch’s hats and ceramic haunted houses on the bookshelves, silver painted pumpkins, a large skeleton, trick-or-treat accent pillow, and a creepy cloth-covered mantle.

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17. Neutral Vase and Books


Skull vase with neutral faux flowers sitting on top 3 custom-made witchy books.

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18. Halloween Mantle


Mantle with white pompom garland, creepy cloth, faux pumpkins, and framed Halloween art.

19. Neutral Halloween Tier Tray


Tier tray filled with pumpkins of various textures, small Halloween decor pieces, fabric bats, and a ghost.

20. Halloween Basket


Woven basket with painted skull, glass bottle, vase with creamy flower picks, and spiky pumpkin.

21. Black and Cream Entryway


Black crow, framed art, antique books, candlesticks, galvanized bowl with mini pumpkins, black creepy cloth, and paper cutout bats.

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22. Neutral Halloween Centerpiece and Wall Decor


Centerpiece with candlesticks, ceramic ghost, and a back wall covered with antique lace and paper cutout black butterflies.

23. Tabletop Graveyard


Painted tombstones, black cutout butterflies, mirrored ornaments, and painted baby’s breath.

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