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Apartment Balcony Ideas to Make The Most of Your Small Space

Apartment Balcony Ideas to Make The Most of Your Small Space

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Apartment balconies are small spaces with huge potential. Has your balcony become an area for extra storage and cheap resin chairs? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Here are renter-friendly apartment balcony decor ideas to spruce up your outdoor space.

1. Install Some Lighting

apartment balcony decor ideas


String lights and lanterns set the ambiance for a nighttime hangout. String lights come in various colors and shapes and can be hung from the ceiling, wall, or railing.

2. Add a Hammock

apartment balcony decor ideas


Hammocks aren’t just for island getaways! Install a hammock to lounge during those warm summer nights.

3. Place an Area Rug

apartment balcony decor ideas


Most apartments have an unsightly concrete balcony floor. Upgrade it with a stylish outdoor rug or faux grass.

Pro Tip: Be sure your rug is made for outdoor use. Plastic straw rugs can withstand nearly all types of weather.

4. Bring the Bar Outdoors

apartment balcony decor ideas


What can be better than a well-designed balcony? How about one with a bar? Add a small bar to serve cocktails to your guests.

Pro Tip: Throw in a couple of stools and you now have an additional eating area.

5. Create Some Privacy


Are you tired of neighbors peering into your balcony? Install bamboo shades around the railing or add tall plants for privacy.

6. Add Comfy Seating

apartment balcony decor ideas


A pair of comfy outdoor chairs are perfect for lounging when the weather is nice. A L-shaped sofa paired with a bistro set makes a chic seating area.

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Pro Tip: Do you need more seating but don’t have room for chairs? Add some fluffy throw pillows for additional seating!

7. Create an Urban Oasis


Turn your balcony into an oasis with beautiful plants. Ferns, pansies, herbs, and succulents make great outdoor balcony plants. If you’re a certified plant killer, opt for faux plants.

8. Utilize Your Entire Space


Stretch your potential decorating space using your balcony wall, ceiling, and railing. You can utilize all three areas to hang plants, shades, and lighting.

Wrapping Up

If you’re fortunate enough to have an apartment balcony, you owe it to yourself to make it as cozy as possible. No matter your style, aim for a functional space that’s uniquely you. We hope these apartment balcony decor ideas will help you create your little outdoor sanctuary.

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