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Why Sunscreen Is the Most Important Part of Skincare

Why Sunscreen Is the Most Important Part of Skincare

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Do you remember being little and hating how you had to wait for the sunscreen application to finish so you could just have fun? Even though no one enjoyed sunscreen as a kid, it was doing future-you a considerable favor. Your skin is probably much better now than it would have been if you had never applied sunscreen.

With everyone hyping up the effects of sunblock, it’s critical to understand precisely why sunscreen is the most important part of skincare.

Why Sunburns Are Awful for You

Sunburns are more than just uncomfortable; they can be straight-up damaging for more reasons than you might think. A bad enough burn can leave you with blisters anywhere on your body, including your face, like the kind you can get from hot oil. These burns are extremely painful and may leave permanent scarring.

Melanoma is the most common concern when it comes to not applying sunscreen. However, it doesn’t just pop up overnight. Long-term damage and exposure can cause skin cancer in older age.

How Your Skincare Routine May Be Hurting You

Some people fear that sunscreen and their skin don’t mix. However, the relationship between sunscreen and acne isn’t that cut and dry. Though some people fear it gives them clogged pores and worsens acne, that’s far from the whole truth.

If you regularly exfoliate your skin, you’re more likely to get a sunburn—the same applies to toning. The skincare process encourages new skin cells to form, making them more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. Also, if you’re using retinol in the morning, sunscreen is a non-negotiator.

The Science Behind Wrinkle Prevention

Collagen is the protein in our skin that keeps it smooth and firm. Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays break down collagen, making the skin lose elasticity. Collagen is such a popular additive in skincare and supplements because the loss of collagen is what forms wrinkles.

Sunscreen significantly mitigates the effects of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Preventing that build-up of damage can keep your skin supple and firm as you age.

There is plenty more science behind why sunscreen is the most important part of skincare, and we are learning more about it as time goes by. So, get with the new sunscreen wave before your skin endures any lasting damage.

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