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Clever Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

Clever Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

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Ever since I was a little girl, the world of makeup and hair fascinated me. The way you were able to transform yourself with just the tiniest bit of product seemed like magic.

As I began to develop a deep love for the art of makeup, hair, skincare, I researched everything there was to know.

Over the years, I learned a hack or two to make the beauty process easier. And I want to share some of my tips and tricks with you today. Some of them you may have heard of; others may seem like a whole new world (cue Disney musical outbreak).

Beauty Hack #1: Foxy Lady

Does anyone else remember in the early 2010s when people were putting big triangles of 10 shades too light concealer under their eyes? Well, I do, and I rather pretend like it never happened. But there is a better way to accentuate your face and give yourself an instant eye-lift.

Strategically place SMALL amounts of the concealer!

For that gorgeous fox-eye effect, simply place a small swipe of concealer from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. Then you will want to put another swipe of concealer from the inner corner of the eye to an inch down the side of your nose. Now, all you need to do is blend. With this hack, you can say goodbye to cakey under-eye makeup!

Beauty Hack #2: Sharpen to Kill

As a former winged eyeliner queen, I was always on the hunt for the best liner to achieve a crisp clean line. Gel liners were the best for the task. But the drugstore ones did tend to feather on the edges. And then I watched Burlesque, starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. During a makeover scene, Cher gives some of the best advice for the perfect winged eyeliner.

Wet the brush!

I tried it out for myself, and oh boy, did it work! I pulled out my favorite brush, my Maybelline gel liner, and ran the tip of my brush underneath the tap water. And Viola, I had the sharpest wings!

Beauty Hack #3: Honey, I Shrunk My Acne

Growing up in what I like to call a Hippie-Dippie-Household, my mom and I were always searching for natural remedies. Everything from cuts and scrapes to the common cold, we had a natural earth-given treatment to use. That also meant we had an alternative way of treating acne.

Manuka Honey was a cure-all for everything related to skin!

Like every teenager, I would get the occasional raging pimple – that I would then pop. And as we all know, popping acne leads to blistering red open wounds on the face that could lead to infection and even more acne spots. To keep the aftermath at bay, all I had to do was take a q-tip with a dab of Manuka Honey, and all was well in the world again!

Beauty Hack #4: Dawn of The Food Stains

This “beauty hack” is steering away from the traditional hair, skin, and makeup category and into our wardrobes. I love a basic white top; they are so chic and add a bit of sophistication to any look. But I never used to buy them – because I’m a clutz and spill everything! Until I learned an easy and cheap trick from my mom to remove stains.

Ditch the bleach and grab Dawn Blue Dish Detergent from the sink!

The degreasing properties in Dawn are no match against food stains. All you have to do is take the piece of clothing off ASAP and then apply a bit of the detergent directly to the stain. Rub the detergent in with your fingers, and then pop the article of clothing into the washing machine. You will be amazed!

Beauty Hack #5: Get Lippie

When I was a teen girl, with a slight makeup and book shopping addiction, and also a very tight budget, I had to make every penny count. My favorite thing to buy was eyeshadow in every color imaginable. To the point, I would opt not to buy lipstick and was left with an incomplete look on my face. But who said eyeshadow only has to go on your eyes?

For this hack, all you need to grab is Vaseline and a hot pink or red shadow!

First, I would dab a little bit of the shadow on the inner center of my lips then feather it out. Before I added the Vaseline, it would look a bit patchy and dry. But by applying the Vaseline directly on top, it gave me a natural but gorgeous ombre lip! Have you ever tried this trick?

Beauty Hack #6: Now, That’s Dirty

I have some of the greasiest hair on the planet. It’s gross – I know! I tried all the tricks, from dry shampoo (kind of worked) to training my hair by washing it less (no thank you.) But as most of us know, if you want an elegant hairstyle to stay, it’s best not to have freshly washed hair. What is a girl like me to do?

Say goodbye to the shampoo and grab the conditioner!

From the root to the ends of my hair, I washed every inch with conditioner. The lack of sulfates and detergents left just enough grit to my hair that it shined like it was freshly washed and still held a curl! Fun fact, I have naturally curly hair, but my hair still won’t hold a curl for more than twenty minutes. If you feel so inclined, you can add the tiniest drop of shampoo to your conditioner.

Confidence Is The Ultimate Beauty Hack

Although I love everything related to beauty, it doesn’t fix insecurity. It took me a while to figure out that no matter how much time I spent on my outer appearance, my beauty still wasn’t shining through.

I needed to work on what was going on inside myself.

If you want to feel like you’re glowing, the best beauty hack I can suggest is working on your confidence, whichever way works for you.

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