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Tips for Incorporating Vintage Fashion Into Your Wardrobe

Tips for Incorporating Vintage Fashion Into Your Wardrobe

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Incorporating vintage clothing into your style is easier than you might think! Many of us are hesitant to explore vintage clothing for several reasons, but there are so many different styles and options that you’re sure to find something you love. If you’re ready to dip your toes into the world of vintage styling, here are some tips for incorporating vintage fashion into your wardrobe.

Start With the Accessories

If you’re new to the vintage clothing lifestyle, jumping into full vintage outfits might feel intimidating. Try starting small by adding unique vintage accessories to your wardrobe. A vintage scarf, clutch, or hat can add a lot of flair to any outfit without putting you out of your comfort zone. You can also start small by shopping for clothes with vintage inspiration, such as distressed and stylish clothing. For example, distressed hats borrow this aspect of vintage clothing.

Find the Right Piece for You

When it comes to vintage fashion, there is such a wide variety of clothing pieces to choose from that anyone can find something they love. There’s a vintage garment out there for everyone. Browse your local thrift store or shop vintage clothing sellers online to dive into all the different pieces. Maybe you’ll find an A-line dress or skirt that speaks to you or a puffy-sleeved blouse that you must have. Once you find something that you love, style your current wardrobe around it. Make the vintage piece the focal point of your outfit.

Take Sizes With a Grain of Salt

You’ll quickly discover that the size and tags on vintage clothes look a lot different from the clothing sizes we wear today. Most vintage sizes are at least four sizes smaller than they would be in modern sizing. This is due to changes in sizing over the years, known as sizing inflation or “vanity sizing.” So when trying on vintage clothing, don’t get hung up on the size on the tag. Make your vintage clothing choices based on what fits you best, not the tag.

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If you’re ready to try out vintage fashion yourself, remember these tips for incorporating vintage fashion into your wardrobe. Start small with a few accessories if you’re hesitant to completely change your style. Overall, enjoy your journey into the vintage lifestyle—you’re going to find so many new pieces you’ll love to add to your closet.

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