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Tips for Choosing Bachelorette Party Outfits

Tips for Choosing Bachelorette Party Outfits

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When planning or preparing for a bachelorette party, deciding what to wear is always one of the hot topics among all the girls. In fact, you’ll probably have everyone messaging you to ask what they should wear. With that in mind, everyone can avoid this problem by setting a loose dress code in advance. Check out these tips for choosing bachelorette party outfits and start planning the most spectacular party ever!

Plan a Theme

One of the most fun ways to create a dress code for the party is by planning a theme. For example, you could have everyone dress up as one of the bride’s favorite things (i.e., pizza, coffee, her fiancé, a TV show character, etc.) and have the bride wear whatever white-colored outfit she prefers. This way, everyone dresses differently, but it’s all within the same theme.

Distinguish the Bride

Distinguishing the bride from the rest of the group is one of the overarching laws of bachelorette parties. In fact, there’s no worse feeling than not getting your time to shine at your own party. With that in mind, white is the bride’s color, and nobody else should wear it, period. Even if the bride decides to wear a different color, white is still reserved for her.

Don’t Get Too Matchy

Although wearing matching shirts is OK, your entire group shouldn’t try to match from head to toe. Firstly, not everything flatters all body types, and this is an ideal time to learn how to dress for your unique body type. Secondly, photos will be more pleasing and authentic if everyone sticks to their personal style.


One great idea is to have the bride wear an all-white outfit and tell everyone else to wear an all-black ensemble of their choice.

Keep It Comfy

Lastly, don’t be afraid to prioritize comfort. There’s nothing worse than not enjoying the party because of your uncomfortable clothing. Although some can wear high heels all night long, you shouldn’t make everyone wear something they’re uncomfortable with. You shouldn’t feel like you have to keep up with everyone else’s style, and there’s nothing wrong with wearing heels for pictures and switching to a more comfortable option.

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With these tips for choosing bachelorette party outfits, you’ll be able to dress confidently and party all night. However, always remember that this event is all about the bride, and you should do everything you can to make her feel special and celebrated. After all, this is her last fling before the ring!

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