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5 Style Rules You Need to Start Breaking Today

5 Style Rules You Need to Start Breaking Today

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In the world of fashion and style, rules have always existed. From what colors to wear during certain seasons to mixing prints, endless guidelines dictate what is considered “appropriate” or “fashionable.” However, sometimes it’s liberating to break free from these constraints and choose a look that goes against the norm. From mixing prints to wearing white after Labor Day, we share 5 style rules you should break today.

#1: The no-white-after-Labor-Day rule

One of the most well-known fashion guidelines is the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule. For years, this has been a staple for many fashion enthusiasts who believe wearing white after Labor Day is a faux pas. However, as with any style rule, there are always exceptions to consider.

Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge the historical context behind this rule. In the early 1900s, white was only considered a color for summer and vacations. Therefore, when Labor Day came around (which marks the unofficial end of summer), it was customary to pack away your white clothes until the next year. However, times have changed, and fashion has evolved since then.

Many designers have embraced wearing white all year round by including it in their fall/winter collections. White clothing can add a crisp and refreshing contrast to darker winter hues, creating a striking ensemble that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

Wearing white after Labor Day has become a statement of individuality as it defies traditional norms, allowing people to express themselves freely through fashion choices.

#2: Mixing prints and patterns

Mixing prints and patterns is a fashion style that has been gaining popularity. This trend breaks the traditional rule of sticking to one pattern at a time and encourages people to experiment with different prints and patterns to create unique combinations. While it may seem complicated initially, mixing prints and patterns can be quite fun once you get the hang of it.

One way to start mixing prints is by pairing one dominant print with smaller accent prints. For example, if you choose a bold stripe as your dominant print, you could pair it with polka dots or floral accents for an interesting contrast.

Another way to mix prints is by playing with scale – pairing larger prints with smaller ones creates visual interest while maintaining balance in your outfit.

Remember that there are no hard rules when mixing prints and patterns – it’s all about personal preference and experimentation!

#3: Combining silver and gold jewelry

Another style rule is that silver and gold jewelry should never be worn together. However, this rule has recently been challenged as fashionistas embrace the trend of mixing metals. Combining silver and gold jewelry can create a unique, eye-catching look that breaks convention.

The key to successfully combining silver and gold jewelry is to ensure balance in your overall look. Start with a statement piece in either silver or gold, such as a necklace or bracelet, and build your ensemble from there.

Then, add pieces in the opposite metal tone to complement your statement piece without overpowering it. This can include simple rings or earrings that tie everything together without detracting from your main focal point.

Not only does mixing metals add dimension to your outfit, but it also brings out the best in both silver and gold pieces. It is important to note that choosing pieces with similar hues or tones is best for a seamless blend when combining these metals.

#4: Wearing black and brown together

Wearing black and brown together has long been considered a fashion faux pas, but it’s another one of the outdated style rules you need to break right now. The combination of these two colors is bold, stylish, and effortlessly chic. Mixing black with brown adds depth and texture to your outfit, creating an unexpected contrast.

One of the easiest ways to wear black and brown together is by pairing a black top with brown bottoms or vice versa. This classic color combination works well in any season and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

For example, try wearing a black blazer over a brown dress for a sophisticated look perfect for the office. Or pair your favorite black jeans with a cozy brown sweater for a casual weekend outfit.

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#5: Sneakers With (Almost) Anything

Sneakers have been synonymous with casual attire for decades. But in recent years, the shoe once reserved for gym sessions has broken free from its athletic roots and entered the mainstream fashion scene. The best part? You can now wear your sneakers with almost anything, even items previously considered off-limits.

One style rule that fashion-conscious individuals have embraced is pairing their sneakers with dresses or skirts. This unexpected combination creates an effortless and chic look perfect for a day out or a casual date night. You don’t necessarily have to stick to plain white sneakers either; experiment with bold colors or patterned designs to add some personality to your outfit.

Another way to rock your sneakers is by pairing them with tailored pieces such as blazers and trousers. This unexpected combination adds a relaxed look while still maintaining a polished look suitable for casual Fridays.

Wrapping Up

Fashion should be about expressing oneself and breaking free from societal norms. Style rules are meant to be broken, as they limit creativity and individuality.

Embracing your personal style and disregarding these old-fashioned guidelines will help you feel more confident in what you wear. So, go ahead and mix prints, wear white after Labor Day, and break any other style rules that don’t align with your true self.

Fashion constantly evolves, so why not push the boundaries and ce your own unique style? Don’t let anyone else dictate what you can or cannot wear – have fun with fashion and express yourself freely!

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