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24 Weekend Outfit Ideas to Stay Stylish and Warm in 2023

24 Weekend Outfit Ideas to Stay Stylish and Warm in 2023

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When the temperatures drop, staying stylish and warm can be challenging. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style! We’ve got you covered with plenty of chilly weather weekend outfit inspiration that will keep you cozy and fashionable at the same time. From sweaters and boots, we’ll give you weekend outfit ideas for dressing up for any occasion.

How to Dress for the Weekend When It’s Cold

Here are some outfit ideas for a chilly weather weekend. 

  1. One option for a top is a chunky sweater. Pair it with dark wash jeans and riding boots for a comfortable and cute outfit. If you want to add a pop of color, try a scarf in a bright hue. 
  2. Another good choice for a top is a turtleneck. Turtlenecks are great for layering and will keep you warm without being too bulky. Pair a black turtleneck with ripped jeans and booties for a cool, edgy look. Add a leather jacket for extra warmth. 
  3. Try a long-sleeved tee with leggings and sneakers for a more casual outfit. You can add a hoodie over the top if it’s chilly out. This is a perfect outfit for running errands or hanging out with friends. 
  4. If you’re going to be outside for a while, you’ll need a coat to keep you warm. A puffer coat is a great option to keep you looking stylish. Choose a coat in a neutral color like black, grey, or camel. You can wear this coat with anything from jeans to a dress. 

Chilly Weekend Outfit Inspiration

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from stepping out in style! Here are some weekend outfit ideas to stay fashionable when it’s chilly.

Crop top, a black maxi skirt, and chunky leather boots.

A blue blazer, crossbody bag, and black platform boots.

A black corset top, belted jeans, a black blazer, and Chelsea boots.

A cropped sweater, slacks, a leather jacket, and heels.

A white sweater, pink mini skirt, long jacket, and strappy heels.

A tan dress, blazer, scarf, and boots.

A white button-down shirt, blazer, black mini skirt, sweater, and white leather boots.

A black sweater, leather shirts, boots, and a beret.

A t-shirt, belted cargo pants, and heels.

A crop top, drawstring pants, a moto jacket, and sneakers.

A striped cropped sweater, white button-down shirt, khaki mini skirt, and leather loafers.

A plunging top, leather jacket, jeans, and boots.

A black mock top, belted denim skirt, and knee boots.

A shearling coat, cropped shirt, mini khaki skirt, and brown leather knee boots.

A corset top, a blue blazer, khaki slacks, and heels.

A crop top, black slacks, boots, and a leather trenchcoat.

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A turtleneck, black skinny jeans, boots, and a long brown coat.

A white corset top, cargo pants, and heels.

A sweater, black slacks, and heels.

A crop top, mini skirt, knee boots, and raincoat.

A black shirt, fatigue cargo pants, heels, and a puffer coat.

A blue button-down shirt, jeans, and platform sandals.

A cardigan, jeans, boots, and a tan trenchcoat.

A cropped cardigan, cargo pants, and sneakers.

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