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The Best (and Worst) Paint Colors for Your Bedroom

The Best (and Worst) Paint Colors for Your Bedroom

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Have you spent hours going back and forth over paint colors for your bedroom? The right paint colors for your bedroom can create a tranquil space, and the wrong one can have a negative effect. If you’re struggling to move forward with your decorating, these tips will help you get closer to finding the perfect color.

Picking the right paint color is crucial. Color can really set the mood for a room. When choosing the paint for your bedroom wall, you will want to decide how you want a person to feel as they walk into the room.

The Best Bedroom Colors

Neutral Shades

Neutral shades include white, brown, gray. They create a sense of calm which make them perfect for a bedroom.

An advantage of neutral color paint is you can easily switch decor. Any shades in the neutral family including cream, beige, and griege are timeless and go with anything. There’s beauty in simplicity, and neutral tones always look sleek and sophisticated.


Blue represents tranquility. Much like the ocean, blue projects calmness. Look for shades such as teal, sky blue, aquamarine, cyan, and turquoise.


Green is a healing color associated with nature. It makes you feel renewed and refreshed. The color green represents rebirth, renewal, energy, and balance. Popular green bedroom paint colors include sage, avocado, forest, hunter, and mint.


Purple signifies royalty, luxury and power. Lighter shades of purple are relaxing and promote a better night’s sleep. Shop for purple shades in lavender, violet, lilac, and mauve.

The Worst Bedroom Colors


Black can be luxurious and elegant, however, four black walls can be overwhelming and depressing. Black walls also have the tendency to make your space feel smaller and closed-in.


Red is often associated with love, passion, and power. While a red color scheme can work for entry ways and dining rooms, the color red is not recommended for bedroom.

A bedroom with four red walls may be uncomfortable to relax or sleep. It’s a color that’s too intense for most people.

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How Much Paint Do I Need?

paint colors for your bedroom

The average bedroom size in a home approximately 200 square feet. The average apartment bedroom is roughly 132 feet.

One gallon of paint usually covers 300 square feet. That means it will take one gallon of paint to cover your four walls with one coat. Two gallons of paint allows you to paint two coats and leaves plenty of paint for future touch-ups.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the right paint colors for your bedroom are ones you can feel comfortable waking up to every morning. If you’re still undecided, grab some paint samples from your local hardware store and experiment until you find your perfect color story.

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