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How to Turn Your Garage Into a Yoga Studio

How to Turn Your Garage Into a Yoga Studio

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How To Turn Your Garage Into a Yoga Studio

If your garage is currently an empty alcove needing a little extra love, try transforming it into an at-home yoga studio. Designating a specific room for your practice encourages you to get on the mat, creates a healing space you can escape to at home, and improves your yoga experience.

Garages provide homes with additional space that you can use in a myriad of ways, from workshops to at-home theaters. If you aren’t using your garage as a carport or shed, why not revamp it into a yogi’s abode? Here’s how to turn your garage into a yoga studio.

Change the Walls and Floors

Most garages come fitted with cement floors and bland walls, making the room and atmosphere feel bleak. Adding some color to the walls and switching up the flooring situation livens the space with an inviting ambiance. A good tip for choosing paint colors for your studio is opting for colors aligned with chakras, enabling you to attract and connect with desired energies. For the foundation of your garage, select flooring that provides you with a solid base and a cozy aesthetic, like wood floorings.

Install Heating and Cooling

Whether you want to practice Bikram yoga or a simple vinyasa flow, a well-tempered room makes a difference. Some garages come with little to no ventilation system, making the room’s atmosphere uncomfortable to be in for long periods. Understanding the best ways to heat and cool your garage will make your space and practice more comfortable.

Provide Storage

A clean space helps create a clear mind. Providing plenty of organizational solutions keeps your area open, spacious, and in order. From yoga blocks to mat cleaners, there are many supplies you’ll want to have on hand for your practice, but you’ll still want plenty of space to stretch out without obstructions. Plus, a well-organized area decreases feelings of anxiety by eliminating that overwhelming feeling associated with clutter.

Stock Up on Equipment

How To Turn Your Garage Into a Yoga Studio

Once you’ve provided your studio with storage, you can stock up on gear. Although most practices just require your body, additional equipment can enhance your session. Some essentials to incorporate in your inventory include mats, blocks, towels, straps, and cleaning supplies. Other accessories you could keep in stock are water bottles (preferably reusable), a sound system, incense, essential oils, and extra yoga attire.

Create Ambiance

Complete your garage transformation with ambiance. There are numerous ways to heighten a space’s aura, from lighting to scents. Implementing natural, soft, or dimmable lighting creates a more relaxing atmosphere than harsh or florescent lighting. You can also attract desired energies into the room with specific scents and crystals. Plus, playing calming or natural sounds establishes various moods.

With these tips on how to turn your garage into a yoga studio, you can treat yourself to a safe and healing space. Share your new studio with like-minded yoga enthusiasts or embrace its presence on your own, and tap into a sensation of inner peace with a cleansing yoga session.

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How To Turn Your Garage Into a Yoga Studio
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