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How to Fix a Bad Hair Day: 12 Easy Solutions

How to Fix a Bad Hair Day: 12 Easy Solutions

how to fix a bad hair day

A bad hair day can be very stressful, especially when you have meetings and social calls lined up. After all, your hair makes or breaks your look of choice; messy-chic isn’t always the best front to present professionally or even personally.

But let’s face it—despite our best efforts, we all experience bad hair days at the most inopportune moments.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can fix a bad hair day, whatever the problem is.

In this guide, I’ve listed 12 common hair problems and how to fix them in a flash.

Read on to learn how to turn around a bad hair day!

1. Problem: Misbehaving Bangs

To tame bangs that refuse to lie flat, dab on a bit of mousse or use a heat-styling product or texturizing spray.

Hold the fringe with your brush or your fingers and aim your hairdryer in the direction that you want your bangs to go. If they are sticking up, aim your dryer at the roots and point it downward.

2. Problem: Limp Hair

how to fix a bad hair day

If you have limp, lifeless hair, you can add some bounce, body, and volume to it by trying this trick after a hair wash.

When your hair is almost dry, put large velcro rollers around your hairline. Then blow-dry your hair for a few minutes and remove the rollers. Comb your hair lightly to get the volume you want without much curl.

Another way to add some lift to your hair is by using conditioner, rinsing your hair, and then shampooing it. Stylists say that using baby shampoo can also help you add volume to fine hair.

You can also backcomb your hair to make it look less flat and limp!

3. Problem: Hat Head

Residue in your hair will make it more likely to go limp. You can easily prevent this from happening by keeping your hair as clean as possible—regular wash days should be more than enough.

You can also spritz the inside of your hat with a facial mist or spray like Evian.

If you need an instant lift for your hair, bend over and mist the bottom layers of your mane with hairspray. Then flip your hair as you straighten up to get a bouncy ‘do that’s full of life.

4. Problem: Dirty Hair

If you wake up with greasy strands but you’re running late and don’t have time for a wash, just blot your scalp with an oil-absorbing sheet and wipe off the excess dirt and oil. Sprinkle some baby powder or dry shampoo onto your brush and comb it through your roots.

Alternately, you can spritz hairspray on your roots and lightly rub your hair with a towel to make it look clean, bouncy, and shiny.

5. Problem: Stale Odor

Hair perfume is a great solution to remove any unwanted smell from your hair.

Remember that alcohol in perfume can dry out and damage your hair, so do not spray it directly. Instead, spray it on your hands, clap a few times to dissipate the alcohol, and run your hands through your hair for a quick morning-after cover-up.

6. Problem: Static

Keep flyaways in place by putting soft-hold hairspray on your hair and smoothing the top layer with a flat brush or a spare toothbrush in a downward motion.

You can also rub a bit of hand cream or lotion into the palms of your hands and run them through your locks to ground flyaways.

A fabric softener sheet can also work well to tame any stubborn strands.

7. Problem: Frizzy Hair

If your hair tends to frizz when it’s humid outside, keep a smoothing serum on hand. Just rub it up on the misbehaving strands and wait until your hair is almost dry before blow-drying. Then apply a glossing cream to tame any frizz.

A flat iron on dry hair can also work in a pinch!

8. Problem: Heat Damage

If your hair is damaged due to excessive heat styling, slather on a deep-conditioning treatment to damp hair at least once a week.

If you wish to DIY a hair mask, apply some olive oil to your hair and comb it through. Put on a shower cap and let the oil soak in overnight. Wash it off with gentle shampoo the following day.

Every few days, apply a leave-in conditioner and comb it through, then put your hair up in a ponytail. Dab a little pomade on frizzy ends to complete the look.

9. Problem: Botched Hair Color

Did you come out of your hair appointment too blond? Comb hair gel into dry hair for a quick fix. When hair is wet, the color appears darker. Is your new color a bit too brassy? Tone it down with purple shampoo.

If your new hair color is too dark for your liking, you can wash out some of the color with cheap shampoo. Inexpensive brands usually contain more detergent, which is great for stripping away the extra hair color.

10. Problem: Roots Showing

how to fix a bad hair day

If your roots have begun to show, you can hide them using brown eyeshadow, hair mascara, or a touch-up stick. You can also go for a tousled hairstyle to draw attention away from the mismatch.

11. Problem: Weird Haircut

If you went for a trim and it didn’t end up as you hoped, don’t sweat it! Adding some curls will help you easily hide an unfortunate haircut.

Use a wand and wrap some sections of your hair toward your face and some away. The more random and imperfect the curls are, the better they will camouflage the awkward cut.

12. Problem: Bedhead

Hardly anything feels worse than sleeping through an alarm, waking up with only a few minutes to get dressed, and then seeing that you have a terrible case of bedhead.

A simple fix for this common problem is to braid your hair and clip the flyaways up with some hair accessories. If you have short hair, change your part from left to right or vice versa.

You can also use a detangling serum to de-frizz your hair and seal the moisture with a medium- to strong-hold hairspray.

Wrapping Up

Bad hair days happen to the best of us. But with the help of these easy tips and tricks, you will be able to fix a bad hair day without breaking a sweat!

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