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Helping Your Hair: 3 Ways To Add Texture to Flat Hair

Helping Your Hair: 3 Ways To Add Texture to Flat Hair

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Today, we’ve been thinking about hair. You may have noticed that regardless of your hair’s texture, it lies close to your head, especially the crown or top of your head. This is called flat hair, and it’s a problem that many people have. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, most women want their hair to have more volume and be more dynamic. Adding texture is a great way to improve flat hair, as it creates volume and makes your hair look more dynamic. Keep reading to learn three ways to add texture to flat hair. 

Ask for a New Haircut 

The right haircut can completely change your hair, even the texture. There are several different types of cuts you can ask for if you want to add texture to your flat hair. You can ask a stylist to get rid of extra weight and blend out your hair without adding volume, or you can ask for separation with added volume. When asking for separation, you can pick between a point cut that’s manually separated, a texture shear with vertical layers, or a slide cut. As long as your stylist is using the right texture shears, your hair will look great. Getting rid of the extra weight can make your hair lighter and less flat, and getting separation with volume can make your hair more dynamic and bouncy. 

Add Good Products 

Another way to add texture to your hair and make it less flat is by adding good products to your hair care routine. There are lots of different hair products that can help with texture, but sea salt spray, leave-in conditioner, and dry shampoo are the best for flat hair. Dry shampoo doesn’t require any extra work other than a good brushing, but with sea salt spray and leave-in conditioner, it’s a good idea to blow-dry your hair and scrunch it while you do so. This technique adds more volume and texture to your hair, helping it get away from your scalp for a more dynamic look. 

Find the Right Tools 

If you don’t want to fill your hair with product, there are tools that can help add texture to your flat hair. Hot tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and curling wands can take your hair to the next level. If you do use product, these tools can also help that product last longer, so you’ll need less of it. If you’re concerned about heat damage, then add texture with heatless tools such as hair rollers. You can also braid wet hair, blow-dry it, and sleep with the braids in for a more textured look that will keep your flat hair bouncy and light. 

Getting a new haircut, using good products, and finding the right tools are just three ways to add texture to flat hair, but they can make a world of difference. Your hair will thrive after the right cut, with the right products, and if you use the right tools. Use any of these easy techniques to get more volume into your hair and have a more dynamic look. 

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