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Hotel Hacks to Make the Most of Your Next Vacay

Hotel Hacks to Make the Most of Your Next Vacay

hotel hacks

No matter the vacation spot, your choice of hotels can make or break your trip.

Whether you’re a minimalistic traveler who looks for the bare basic bed and breakfast, or whether you are a staunch believer of luxury travel, we could all use a hotel hack or two to make the most of our experience – key tips that can result in great experiences and big savings.

Have you found yourself spending way too much time closing in on your next hotel booking lately? Worry not, we’ve got 4 handy hotel hacks to help you reach a consensus.

1. Use Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses To Book Your Room And Flight Together

hotel hacks

Online travel portals offer incredible discounts on combo flights and hotel room bookings. However, it is important to note that such bookings require you to pay for everything in advance. If you are someone whose schedule is somewhat uncertain, this may prove slightly inconvenient as cancellations or changes in the booking warrant extra charges.

However, you can easily offset these charges by either traveling during the off-season or by simply putting their credit card bonuses to use. From free companion airfare to unlimited use of on-site amenities, a decent credit card can prove to be an advantage.

2. Loyalty Programs = Better Treatment

hotel hacks

Signing up for a hotel’s loyalty program might just be the best decision you’ve ever made. Even if you aren’t a frequent traveler, merely being part of the program provides access to better rooms, more facilities, and additional freebies that you wouldn’t have otherwise – resulting in savings that rack up over the years.

The idea is to stick with a loyalty program long enough to be awarded ‘elite’ status. Once you’ve got that in the bag, you can proceed to match your status to other hotel chains and compare the perks made available to you.

Booking a hotel room for a set number of nights is enough to help you reap the benefits of the program whenever you need it.

3. Join the AAA, Even if You Don’t Drive or Own a Car

When you are a member of the American Automobile Association, you are automatically offered significant discounts at hotels, both abroad and within the United States.

Whether you travel extensively for business or pleasure, or whether your travel is restricted to one big trip every summer, your savings are more than enough to cover the cost of a membership.

Additionally, if you do plan on driving abroad, the AAA is one of two organizations that can authorize and issue you an International Permit. This not only helps you rent vehicles during your visits but can also double up as an ID for when you’re overseas.

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4. Skimp on Amenities, Not Locations

hotel hacks

If you are someone whose hotel booking choices are strictly under a budget, you usually tend to skimp on the location and find a place towards the outskirts of a city. However, if you’re looking for the factor that helps you get more bang for your buck, choose to skimp on amenities and not your location.

A plain and simple room within steps of the city center is much better than an upgraded room located an expensive cab ride away from all your planned tourist attractions and activities – not only will this hotel hack bring down your budget, it will also give you a much more authentic, local-centered experience.

Take It Easy

Although a few of these hotel hacks may require a fair amount of schematics, most of them require minimal effort on your part. With a little planning and a lot of flexibility, you’re sure to find yourself the best deal available!

Now you can finally allocate your funds towards the more pressing concerns like shopping sprees and dinner binges. Ready to leave already? Bon voyage!

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