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Clever Packing Tips That Will Help You Travel Like a Pro

Clever Packing Tips That Will Help You Travel Like a Pro

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Going on a vacation is not simply about penning a meticulous itinerary. Packing right plays a major role. Why? You want to travel light, hassle-free, and in style.

Here are some 10 essential packing tips for your next vacation, which will make you look like an expert globe-trotter!

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Keep Essentials Close To You

packing tips

Anything that you need immediately should be close to you. In your carry-on bag, which should be secured around your body, keep your medicine (especially if it’s rescue medicine), money, passport, travel documents, and phone. Anything that you can easily grab without fuss.

Valuables and emergency kits should not be lodged at the bottom of your suitcase no. 3, which you check in with the airline. Keep essentials close to you.

Double-duty Items

To save time and baggage space, pick clothing items that serve two or three purposes. It could be a pair of pants that you can convert into shorts. It could be a mini black dress for a fun night out, but it can also be formal wear if you include a crisp blazer.

Check out nifty clothing inventions, like jackets that can turn into a travel pillow and even a scarf that has hidden pockets.

Two-In-One Tumipax Puffer Jacket & Travel Pillow
Saks Fifth Avenue

Get ‘Em Rollin’

This is an age-old trick that travel experts have been doing since time immemorial: rolling their clothes instead of folding them.

Why? Rolling your clothes will save you a lot of space. Also, when clothes are tightly rolled, they are less likely to get wrinkled.

Backpackers are known to employ this travel hack for easy and light travel.

Save Up On Baggage Fees

packing tips

This is particularly important when you are budget-conscious. Plenty of major airlines charge hefty baggage fees, both for domestic and international flights.

Even before you purchase a ticket from your desired airline, do some research. Visit your airline’s website, or call their customer hotline. Find out how many bags they permit to be checked in and how much per weight. Then, depending on your budget, you now have an idea of how many bags you’ll carry, and how much you should pack.

Layer, Layer, and Layer

Who says your body can’t be your personal baggage? Wearing plenty of layers can save you from baggage fees and can also provide you a variety of clothing choices for your vacation. By packing layers of clothes, you can endure unpredictable weather and climate with style.

Wear a tank top, then a shirt, a cardigan, a sweater, and a jacket. Just by your top attire, you have already packed 5 clothes! Layering is one of those clever packing tips that never go out of style.

Pack A Mini Iron

Taking out your favorite shirt or dress from your travel bag and finding it all wrinkly— and then your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb does not have an iron— well, that’s a disaster.

There are many small and portable irons in the market that is ideal for light traveling. You can even get an awesome tiny steam iron that weighs only a little over a pound!

Reliable OVO Travel Iron and Steamer

Choose Travel-friendly Fabrics

If you don’t like ironing clothes at all, then choose travel-friendly fabrics that don’t wrinkle or crease. This saves up a lot of time.

Ditch liner and other woven fabric, such as cotton twill, because they easily wrinkle. Go for knits and other stretchy fabrics, like spandex.

Put Heavy Items At The Bottom

If you can’t leave your home without your chunky boots, your hardcover edition of Gone with the Wind, and other heavy items, then carefully place them at the base of your luggage. And by the base, we mean the part nearest to the wheels of your suitcase.

The heavy collection of items at the base will keep your suitcase upright and keep your other packed items snugly in their position.

Travel Stress-Free

By following these packing tips, you’ll be zipping by the airport staff with no fuss and no delays. Smart packing is smart traveling. Time to jazz up those packing skills for your next adventure!

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