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Lingerie Organization Tips: Keep Your Intimates Looking New

Lingerie Organization Tips: Keep Your Intimates Looking New

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Lingerie not only protects and supports our intimate areas but also helps us feel more confident and beautiful. It’s, therefore, a good idea to keep our lingerie looking good and accessible by storing them properly. How you store your delicates will determine how long they last.

After all, wouldn’t it be a shame if your nice-looking underwear got lost or becomes worn out so soon after you bought them?

We’re here to help you figure out the best way to store lingerie to prolong its shelf life while keeping them organized. Keep these lingerie organization tips handy when tidying up your storage space.

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Easy Lingerie Organization Tips

When it comes to lingerie organization, just a few tweaks and changes will make a huge difference.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

#1. Out With the Old

lingerie organization

The first thing you’ll need to do is create two piles of lingerie: what to keep and what to throw out. Get rid of anything with the following telltale signs:

  • Faded or discolored fabric
  • Stretched out elastic
  • Bras with underwires sticking out or bent awkwardly
  • Items that fit too tightly or don’t fit properly
  • Anything with ripped seams or seams that are unraveling
  • Items that are torn, stained, or are too old (appears ratty or has shrunk)

#2. Drawer Dividers to the Rescue

Drawer dividers are game-changers. They allow you to neatly separate lingerie by color, style, and shape. Everything can be placed in designated spots so you don’t have to scramble or struggle while finding the bra or underwear you need.


Keep drawers specifically for lingerie. Hosiery, pantyhose, and tummy tuckers can be placed in a separate drawer for a clutter-free space.

Here’s the best way to organize your lingerie:

  • Divide your bras and underwear into separate sections.
  • Place them in order of color/design (white/black/nudes/solids vs. printed/lacy/plain) and purpose (for home, the gym, office, and social occasions).
  • Lay bras flat in your drawer to save on space.
  • Underwear can be placed flat or rolled individually.
  • Place a small air freshener pouch (lavender and citrus notes work best) in a corner of the drawer to keep your delicates smelling fresh.

#3. Fold With Love

If you prefer to stack bras instead of laying them out flat, place one cup over the other and gently tuck the straps into the cavity. Lay the bras in the drawer with the cup facing down so that the straps remain protected underneath. Always hook your bras first before storing them to avoid snags and tears. Sports bras can be neatly folded and tucked in a separate section of the drawer.

Don’t have enough drawer space? Don’t sweat it! There are fabric organizers that let you place lingerie under the bed or in your closet. They have dedicated compartments and dividers for hassle-free organizing and storage.


#4. Hang With Care

For lingerie that’s too delicate to organize in a drawer, shop for hangers with notches or buffered clips that won’t damage their lacy parts. If you have closet space to spare, hanging your bras is a great option. Avoid hanging bras by a single strap. Doing so can ruin their shape and fit.

How To Make Your Lingerie Last Longer

Your lingerie will last longer when they’re stored correctly and cared for properly. It’s a good thing that there are ways to prolong the lifespan of your lingerie from a few months to several years!

Here’s how to do it:

#1. Be Gentle

Lingerie should be handled gently. Wash and dry them according to the care label’s instructions. The best way to clean lingerie is to hand wash them in cold water and mild detergent.

Always keep hooks closed to avoid nasty tears in the bra’s fabric. Once washed, place bras and underwear on a clothesline and allow them to air dry. Bras should be hung from the middle where the cups meet and not by a single strap. You can also lay them flat on a towel to dry.

If you’re pressed for time, use a lingerie laundry bag to avoid ruining your delicates. Avoid the tumble-drying setting of the washing machine or they’ll lose their function and shape faster.

#2. Take It Off

Many women sleep with their bras on. This can restrict the skin from breathing, hamper sleep quality, and cause discomfort. Wearing your bra while asleep can also cause it to become deformed over time.

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The best way to care for a bra is to slip it off after you get home. Its job is to offer support while you’re up and about so let it retire for the day before bedtime just like you do.

#3. Shop for the Right Size

lingerie organization

This may come as a surprise but a lot of women don’t wear lingerie in the correct size! Just because something fits, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Bras and underwear should not only offer the right support but also complete coverage, a seamless look, and a comfortable fit.

The best way to find the right bra size is to visit a lingerie store with knowledgeable staff who can guide you. They can help you pick the perfect bra after you’ve tried and tested a few.

Don’t be shy to show them how it looks on you either. It’s their job to help customers shop for the right bra. These experts can also suggest which underwear to buy based on what kind of fit and function you’re looking for.

#4. Don’t Hoard Oldies

We get it. It can be difficult to say goodbye to trusty pieces of clothing like bras and underwear. However, knowing when to let go of clothing, especially when it’s stained, discolored, or has lost its shape, is necessary.

There will always be something better out there so why not explore your options?

If there’s a brand you love, go back and look for those styles again and restock your favorites. Also, remember to keep lingerie well-organized and wash them with care. This will allow you to get as much use out of them as possible and enjoy wearing them for a long time.

Following these lingerie organization tips and ways on how to prolong the life of your delicates will make a world of difference! All it takes is care and attention to keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

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