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Best of Both Worlds: How to Mix Modern and Vintage Décor

Best of Both Worlds: How to Mix Modern and Vintage Décor

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Realistically, it can take a while to perfect your home décor design. As a process of trial and error, you’ll come across furniture and decorative accents that you’ll grow to love and hate. The good news? There’s no one strict furnishing style to use when trying to achieve your envisioned aesthetic.

If you’re looking to incorporate an antique twist to contemporary style, here’s how to mix modern and vintage décor with varying shapes and textures.

Embrace the Power of Repetition

When blending differing design styles, remember that juxtaposing too many items can throw off your scheme and create a confusing feel. Consider unifying your furniture and décor by prioritizing a specific pattern or material.

No matter how you choose to decorate, remember that styles from different eras should share at least one mutual trait to increase their cohesiveness.

Save Oversized Antiques for Smaller Rooms

Playing with oversized vintage furnishings like writing desks, armoires, or sofas is a tactic that creates an illusion of more space. Apart from bringing forth grandeur and retro luxury elements, similar furnishings act as focal points in contemporary rooms.

Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

Vintage lighting improves your home practically and visually while combining the old with the new. A glass chandelier or a gold pendant light instantaneously adds dazzling character to a room. To increase and disperse lighting, consider placing a mirror opposite the fixture to reflect luminescence.

Use Color To Bring Styles Together

You can cultivate unity in an area with different interior design styles through color. For example, a shaggy teal rug can pair quite nicely with throw pillows of a similar shade. Using this tactic ensures cohesiveness while avoiding confusing the feel of the room.

Curate Vintage Art Pieces

What better way to bring an ode to the past than by hanging vintage art on walls? Displaying antique artwork around a room with modern, minimalist furniture adds a unique flair that spices up the area.

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Mix and Match Your Seating

Furniture styles from past times pair excellently together, especially with interior design trends on the rise. You can pair modern with vintage aspects by placing plush antique chairs together with a contemporary minimalist couch.

Knowing how to mix modern and vintage décor introduces many ways to revamp your space’s aesthetic. Using the best of both worlds and taking advantage of different details and accents adds a unique contrast to any room, allowing you to view your home in a different light.

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