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What Spring Skirt Styles Are Trending in 2022?

What Spring Skirt Styles Are Trending in 2022?

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It’s no secret that dresses and shorts get most of the press when it comes to must-have spring clothing. Skirts are typically toward the bottom of the list for most women, but in all reality, you can create endless outfits when you keep a few trendy skirts in your closet. Explore what spring skirt styles are trending in 2022 to choose your favorite!

Skirt + Shorts = Skorts

Maybe you haven’t worn a skort since you were little, but they’re making a comeback this spring! Whether you’re athletic or love the comfortable material, skorts are a perfect option for almost any occasion. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about it being too short!

Classic Denim for the Win

You can never go wrong with classic denim! In fact, a denim skirt is a staple skirt to have in your collection because you can dress it up or down easily. Pair it with a cropped hoodie and sneakers for a casual look or with an off-the-shoulder blouse and platform sandals for a date-night outfit.

Skater Girl Skirts

If you’re unfamiliar with skater skirts, you probably saw girls wear them in high school. Skater skirts are incredibly versatile; as a result, they never go out of style! They sit just above your waist and flare out in a circular pattern.

Spunky Prints and Patterns

Floral, animal, and other printed skirts add a unique touch to your outfit that’s bound to turn heads. A spunky pattern is perfect if you love adding pops of color or texture to your outfits. While many people believe printed skirts are hard to match, you can pair them with a neutral-colored top and shoes for the best outcome.

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After learning what spring skirt styles are trending in 2022, you should be able to build the perfect spring outfit for any occasion. With one or two skirts in your closet, you’ll have endless options to create authentic ensembles all season long!

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