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8 Best Vision Board Ideas to Achieve Your Dreams

8 Best Vision Board Ideas to Achieve Your Dreams

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We all have visions and dreams of how we wish to live our lives. We make lists of goals we want to achieve, things we want to acquire to make our lives more comfortable, things that will make the world a better place to live in.

We jot them down in our diaries, and then we end up not going after those goals. After all, we have our everyday routine and dozens of chores to attend to. Surely, they can be put on hold. That’s where we go wrong.

The goals and the vision you have in mind should take center stage in your life. Getting a vision board might just prove to be the perfect way to visualize what you want and manifest it.

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a dream board filled with a collage of images, words, phrases, and ideas that capture your vision of an ideal future. This visual representation of your ideal life prompts you to actively pursue your goals and dreams to help establish a future where you claim all that you’ve envisioned.

A vision board gives you clarity of purpose and helps break down your goals into achievable ones. Words and pictures leave a lasting impression on the mind. Use them to adorn your vision board and pay regular visits to your board to keep your goals, aspirations, and dreams fresh in your memory.

What should you have on your vision board? Anything, really. The world is your oyster. Individualize your vision board and make it as you see fit.


8 Best Vision Board Ideas For You

Don’t know where to start your vision board journey? We can help. Here are some vision board ideas that are bound to work like a charm.

Vision Board To Reach Goals

Goals make life worth living, allow us to put our best face forward, and motivate us to grab the opportunities that will offer us access to our ideal lifestyle. The beauty of it all is, there’s nothing ‘farfetched’ when it comes to visioning.

So, Pen.It.All.Down.

Use words, quotes, self-affirmations, pictures, art, and doodles to pen your goals down and add a tangible element to them. There is nothing as motivating as having the prize in sight. Make sure to track your progress periodically to ensure that you’re actively taking steps to manifest your goals.

Vision Board to Manifest Your Professional Goals

vision board ideas

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to get stuck at an entry-level job. We all have hopes, aspirations, and dreams of making it big in the commercial space.

Set clear career goals. Is it a better job position, a better workstation, or a career change you’re after? Once you’ve done some deep introspection, include pointers, motivational quotes, and pictures that resonate with your professional goals and wrap them up by adding some upbeat affirmations to the mix.

Vision Board to Inspire Self-Love

The world can be brutal, especially when it comes to beauty standards. Don’t let that keep you from indulging in some quality self-love. You are enough. You are beautiful. You are a fierce human with unique dreams, passions, and interests. It’s time you center the narrative on yourself and stop conforming to the expectations of others.

Write affirmations on your vision board to put into words how self-assured you would like to feel, repeat them daily, and work towards bringing them to life.


Vision Board to Motivate You

Working towards your goals is not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself on the edge, ready to give up because the vision you’ve set for yourself seems near impossible to reach.

Powerful imagery can certainly come into play to motivate you. Pictures can take your vision board game to a whole new level. They will help transform your belief system, making you more confident and self-motivated.

Vision boards help you stay motivated and keep you on your toes as you reach for the smaller goals within the bigger vision. For example, if your goal is to save money for a new car, put down a specific amount of money for it every day. This will give you a clear picture of your progress and motivate you to see it to the very end.

Vision Board to Attract A Partner

We all have hopes and expectations of our ideal partner and relationship. While we can’t exactly manifest a picture of the ideal man (I mean, how many Ryan Reynolds, David Beckhams, and Justin Trudeaus exist in the world?), we can put together a picture that represents what love feels like to us and what we are looking for in a relationship.

It could be something as simple as two people holding hands, jogging together, dreamily looking into the sunset or a couple growing old together. As long as you’re clear about the qualities and attributes you’re looking for in your dream partner, this visual representation will help you manifest it in your life.

Of course, you’ll still meet people who don’t align with your manifestations but when you’re focused on your ideal relationship and partner, you’re less likely to make compromises. Only the possibly ideal partner who deserves your time, energy, attention, and love will appeal to you.

Vision Board to Cement Resolutions

Setting resolutions is not just a new year thing. It’s time to change that narrative. Why? Well, let’s say that you want to read more. Now, why should you have to wait for a whole new year to come knocking on your door before you put that plan into motion?

The moment you decide to bring a change into your life, make it tangible with pictures and words and post it on your vision board—which is ideally placed somewhere it’s visible to you at all times. This will give you the push you need to make good of your resolutions and with the feeling of achievement it brings, you’re certain to move on to your next goal.


Vision Board to Explore The World

Are you a wanderlust with a list of places you want to visit? Then it’s time to manifest your travel goals with the help of a vision board. Stick pictures of all the places you want to visit and while you’re at it, make sure to write down all the intricacies of the trip right down to accommodation and flight costs.

If you have a disposable income, consider putting money down towards it whenever you have spare change in your wallet. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see your dream destination sooner than you originally thought you would.

Vision Board For Fitspiration

Whether you want to lose or gain weight, a vision board can serve as the right fitspiration that puts you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Include a reward system and cheat day along with your fitness goals to motivate yourself. If you were ever at your ideal weight or fitness level before and wish to go back to how you used to look, a picture of yourself from the time would help. It would make it easier for you to visualize and go after your goal and subconsciously let your mind know that it is possible.

You can also have milestones in place to track your progress and see how far you’ve come from the time you began your fitness journey.


Wrapping Up

Achieving your goals does not have to be a dreary matter. You can make the process fun and colorful. When setting up a vision board, don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities. Let your imagination run wild. You can achieve anything you can set your mind to. So what are you waiting for? Look up some sample vision board ideas online and get started!

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