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51 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

51 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

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It’s a new year and like most people, you’re probably writing down all your resolutions.  But did you know that most resolutions fail?  According to a study by Scranton University, only 19 percent of people keep their resolutions with most abandoning them in the first two weeks.

Affirmations may be a more effective solution to change your life when used regularly as they can actually shift your emotions and mindset.

What are positive affirmations?

Affirmations are statements, usually said out loud, with the intention of creating a new life path.  When said daily, they can transform your energy, establish personal beliefs and create new habits.

Have you ever heard the statement, “words have power?” Affirmations can renew your energy and quiet the negative thoughts that are holding you back. Simply stated, you can begin living a better quality of life when you speak positive words over yourself daily.

Here are 51 positive affirmations you can use to quiet negative thoughts and change your perspective.  Use them daily.  When negative thoughts start to creep in, counter them with your affirmations.

  1. I am strong.
  2. I am enough.
  3. I am confident.
  4. I am beautiful inside and out.
  5. I am free.
  6. I have a purpose in life.
  7. I am unstoppable.
  8. I have a healthy body.
  9. I am a money magnet.
  10. I start each day with enthusiasm.
  11. I know my worth.
  12. My life is a beautiful journey.
  13. I am self-sufficient.
  14. I am financially capable of taking care of myself and my family.
  15. I feel grateful for the life I have.
  16. I treat my body and my mental health wisely.
  17. I celebrate life every day.
  18. I am patient about the process that leads to the goals I will accomplish.
  19. I have an abundance of resources.
  20. I am living out my purpose.
  21. I am drenched in favor.
  22. I live in abundance.
  23. My habits will lead me to success.
  24. I do not resist the good things in my life.
  25. I am grateful for the daily blessings I receive.
  26. I set healthy boundaries in my relationships.
  27. I live my life with gratitude.
  28. I have value for myself.
  29. I see through the challenges I’m faced with.
  30. I greet each day with joy.
  31. I am present in the moment.
  32. I always have a positive attitude.
  33. I live passionately.
  34. I am a complete person.
  35. I invest my time wisely.
  36. I have the power to change my story.
  37. I never allow myself to be overcome by adversity.
  38. I am talented.
  39. I am free to be myself.
  40. I am focused on my goals.
  41. I let go of fear of success.
  42. I am full of charm and charisma.
  43. I am a productive and prolific person.
  44. My life is full of beautiful things.
  45. I always complete my tasks successfully.
  46. I manage my finances intelligently.
  47. I life a deeply fulfilled life.
  48. Love in my life starts with myself.
  49. Happiness follows me wherever I go.
  50. I have been called for a higher purpose.
  51. I motivate myself consistently and willfully.

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