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Virgo Season Overview

Virgo Season Overview

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virgo season overview

(August 23rd – September 22nd) 

Traits: Practical, logical, and kind

Element: Earth

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Symbol: The Maiden

Greatest Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer, or Taurus

Crystals: Sapphire, peridot, and agate

As we transition out of the ambitious season of the Leo, we get ready to welcome in the beaming energy of the Virgo season. Kicking off on August 23rd, Virgo season is all about gaining a more grounded and practical approach to our life. This is a season of focus, giving your goals the necessary attention they deserve and communicating what you want and deserve in your life more than ever.

As we enter their season, the Virgo energy is beaming around us for all Zodiac signs and is likely to affect us in many ways. So, to give you a better idea of what you can expect to feel for the next several weeks, today, we’re going to talk about Virgo season. We will cover Virgo’s personality traits, ruling element, planetary influence, and some of the key energies that the other Zodiac members can expect to feel while we linger in their sign. Let’s get started.

Virgo Personality Overview     

Starting with their personality, the Virgo sign is most known for its practical, logical, and quick-thinking personality. They are incredibly smart, hard-working, patient, and humble, and always put a large focus on routine. With their strong qualities of focus and ambition, the Virgo is one of the hardest working signs and takes great pride in their work. However, this sign also knows the importance of balance and is about creating a proper routine where you can get the work you need to do while also making time to rest yourself.

As an earth sign and a sign strongly linked with self-care and wellness, the Virgo season isn’t just about getting more focused on our routine; it is also about focusing more on yourself and taking the necessary time to find a place of serenity and peace within. Virgo season is a time to better yourself and work on self-improvement physically, mentally, and spiritually while also working to maintain a good hustle in your life. 

On the outside, Virgo has often been deemed a calm, collected, and shy individual. However, when you take the time to get to know them, many often discover there is much more to the Virgo’s personality deep within that they don’t reveal to just anyone. They are incredibly thoughtful, caring, intellectual, and honest friends and partners that care deeply for those around them. They are team players and always ensure their loved ones are cared for.

On the other hand, because of their drive, the Virgo can sometimes expect too much of themselves and prioritize work over their need for balance, which can cause them to struggle with a lot of stress and anxiety. This can also push them into negative habits of overworking themselves, people-pleasing or even dissociating with those around them.

With such a high bar they set for themselves, they can also often struggle with criticism from others, as they are already incredibly critical of themselves, which can only add to their stress more. For that reason, Virgo’s need for balance must be prioritized to avoid falling into negative spirals that could drain them and cause them to become cold to those around them. Fun activities and some regular relaxation are a must for this sign, whether they like it at the time or not. 

Planetary Influence

Now, when it comes to their planetary ruler, Virgo shares a planetary ruler with Gemini, Mercury. Known as the planet of communication, mental expression, and intellect, Mercury influences the logical, practical side of the Virgo that understands and connects with reason. While Gemini’s influence from Mercury tends to lean towards their expression and social attitude, for the Virgo, this influence gravitates more towards problem-solving. It can help them break down information easier to build a solid and achievable plan.

However, Mercury’s influence can also be seen in other aspects of the Virgo, such as their need to develop strong habits and routines in life and get organized. In balance, Mercury’s influence can help the Virgo communicate easily, process information better, and expand their knowledge effortlessly. This also helps them to process and pass on information to help others, which they often take great pride in doing.

When unbalanced, Mercury’s intellectual influence can also make the Virgo a perfectionist and can make them incredibly detail-oriented, almost to a fault. These traits can become overpowering to the Virgo in times of stress and can make them obsessive to the point of overworking themselves. For that reason, Virgos will need to be careful to maintain balance in their lives so they don’t overwhelm themselves or those around them. 

Elemental Influence

Next, aside from their planetary ruler, the Virgo is also deeply influenced by its elemental sign: earth. Known as the element of balance and grounding, this elemental influence can greatly be seen in many aspects of the Virgo. Made up of all things stable and centered, the earth is the element that helps us to reconnect with our inner self and the world around us to find balance in all areas of our life. For the Virgo, this tends to reflect greatly in their overall sense of self and how they feel.

As mentioned, the Virgo is very practical. This sense of self allows the Virgo to make educated and rational decisions in their life and think through problems with a mature outlook that helps them to remain calm and content through many stressful problems. 

This also likely points to Virgo’s need for a very organized lifestyle. Earth signs love routine and are not usually ones for the unexpected. For that reason, Virgo often finds comfort and empowerment in building a solid routine to follow and organizing their life so that they can thrive in their work, get everything done, and still find time for themselves outside of it all. However, they like to do it at their own pace and are never in a hurry.

Earth signs tend to have the ‘slow but steady’ mindset and understand the importance of slow but careful movement on the way to success so that they don’t miss any information or experiences. 

Zodiac Symbol

Next, aside from their ruling planet and elemental sign, each Zodiac sign also has a symbol that that represents them pays homage to their overall Zodiac persona. For the Virgo, this symbol is represented by the maiden. To many, it is believed that this is meant to symbolize Virgo’s gentleness, and perhaps, even a bit of a naive and innocent outlook on life, which could ultimately contribute to their need to want to control their lives.

Many believe that this also points to the humanitarian qualities of the sign, such as their people-pleasing qualities and how they are always willing to go out of their way for someone else. 

However, it is believed that the symbol itself, which is depicted as an M with a loop, may also point to the unique introspective that the Virgo has. Ruled by Mercury, this sign mostly lives in their mind and has incredible skills at analyzing, picking apart, and understanding the hidden meaning behind everything. As a result, this is believed to point to the Virgo’s unique introspective, contemplative, and problem-solving abilities that live within them and help to rule their life. 

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How does the Virgo season affect other signs? 

Lastly, now that we’ve gone over some of the key traits and correspondences of those born under the Virgo sign, we also wanted to talk about how this earth sign affects the rest of the Zodiac members while we move through their sign. With that said, while we linger in the Virgo sign, with the 6th house, the house of health/wellness, as their ruling house, the signs are likely to put more of a focus on self-improvement.

Whether this is improving our health, conquering bad habits, or balancing our lives more, the signs are likely to focus on growth and transformation in their lives. This could also have us prioritizing ourselves a little bit more, which would cause the signs to be a little reserved while we care for ourselves, but it is likely to be for the better. 

Aside from this, the signs are also likely to feel a productive new attitude will take them over as we linger this season. This could have us putting more of a focus on making progress towards our goals, as well as help us to become more productive at work. Virgo always finishes a job when they commit to it.

As a result, this could bring our goals front and center and help us devise a plan to progress towards our goals in a way that empowers us instead of exhausting us. This season will likely show you the importance of discipline and taking your time to get a job done, rather than rushing it.

On top of that, Virgo season also encourages the signs to sort things out in their life and get organized. While this can relate to work and goals, it can also relate to our life. If you’ve been struggling to heal from something from your past, holding onto toxic habits, or holding yourself back from something, this is the season to get organized, live in the moment, and let go of all the rest.

To go along with this, if you aren’t sure of the goals you want to chase or what you want out of your life right now, the Virgo is here to encourage you to start asking yourself the big questions and sorting out your life more. 

However, one thing the signs will need to be cautious about is becoming a perfectionist and work-obsessed this season. While Virgo usually can maintain a good pace and balance, sometimes they falter, and this could mix with the signs in a negative way that could cause the signs to become workaholics. This could bring about many feelings of stress, burnout, and anxiety.

For that reason, the signs will need to ensure they keep themselves in check and not let their ambition push them to exhaustion. Try to get out and dedicate time daily for something you love that doesn’t have to do with work. Mindful practices, such as meditation or journaling, may be able to help with this.


Overall, Virgo season is a powerful time of balance. It is a time to take your dreams more seriously, but also remember the importance of rest and make plenty of time to replenish your energy along the way. Do what you can to align with the energy and wisdom of the Virgo and allow it to guide you to a more productive, hopeful, and restored life like no other. 

Happy Virgo season!

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