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20 Trendy Vertical Ombre Nails to Wear in 2023

20 Trendy Vertical Ombre Nails to Wear in 2023

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Vertical ombre nails are definitely one of the hottest trends in the nail world right now. Ombre nails are a type of manicure in which the nails are painted in two or more colors, with the colors gradually getting lighter or darker from one nail to the next. The ombre look can be achieved with any color but typically with shades of the same color family.

What are Vertical Ombre Nails?

Ombre nails have a gradient effect, typically going from a light color at the tips to dark color at the base. The gradient in vertical ombre nails runs from sidewall to sidewall. The ombre is generally painted on the nail bed and the tip in alternating colors, creating a 4D illusion effect.

Vertical Ombre Nails to Try

If you’ve seen these nails on TikTok, you’ll notice it’s not exactly the most straightforward design to DIY. This technique requires a steady hand and some serious skills. Fortunately, talented nail artists have made this trend available in the form of press-on nails. These press-on nails are affordable, and best of all, you can reuse them multiple times.

We’ve rounded 20 of the best vertical ombre nail designs. Let’s go!

1. Pink and Nude Nails

vertical ombre nails

2. Misty Mocha Nails


3. Pink and Peach Nails

vertical ombre nails

4. Turquoise Nails


5. Lilac Nails


6. Dusty Rose Nails

vertical ombre nails

7. Green and Blue Nails


8. Autumn Hue Nails


9. Cafe Au Lait Nails

vertical ombre nails

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10. Orange and Green Nails


11. Purple and White Nails


12. Chocolate Mocha Nails

vertical ombre nails

13. Royal Blue Nails


14. Black and White Nails


15. Blue and Purple Nails

vertical ombre nails

16. Black and White Nails


17. Pink and Purple Nails

vertical ombre nails

18. Purple and Blue Nails

vertical ombre nails

19. Green and White Nails

20. Orange and White Nails


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