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Tips and Tricks To Expand Your Music Taste

Tips and Tricks To Expand Your Music Taste

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As Confucius—the late philosopher, teacher, and poet—once wrote, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” Simply put, we can’t live without music. Since the beginning of time, music has served as a means of communication and connection.

What’s your current taste in music like right now? Everyone has their own range of styles they prefer to listen to. But discovering new tunes is a part of the experience of enjoying music. Let’s dive deeper into this topic and explore a few tips and tricks to expand your music taste.

Explore Artistry Within Your Favorite Genres

Beginning with something a bit more familiar is one of the tips and tricks to expand your music taste. This can help you stay open and is often better than throwing yourself wholeheartedly into the great unknown. So choose one of your favorite genres and explore a section or crossover that you haven’t before. How? Focus on artistry.

Artists gain inspiration from other artists. Therefore, you should seek up-and-coming artists on a curated or public Spotify playlist. Search YouTube for songs under the same genre. Google the history of that type of musical art form and the variety of names associated with it. Remember, when you find someone you like, you’ll likely enjoy music from similar artists. Keep searching, clicking, tapping, and scrolling for new discoveries.

Travel to the Past and Fully Immerse Yourself

Music is eternal—yet the methods we use to listen to it have evolved dramatically over the years. Before our digital streaming era, the world of music was a far different scene. You may remember classic iPods, boomboxes, CD players, and even Walkmans. But how about traveling further back in time?

Traditional vinyl has been trending in recent years. Likewise, turntables and phonographs continue to make a comeback to the music scene today—and for a good reason. Changing how you immerse yourself in the experience can be just as influential as changing what you listen to. Investing in varying vintage or retro music-playing devices could bring a whole new meaning to the experience you would not have dreamed of before. Not to mention, you’ll gain access to a variety of unique and timeless records.

Ask Around for Playlists or Recommendations

Everyone under the sun has an opinion or preference about music. For many people, music is something to share and deeply discuss. It provides a one-of-a-kind sense of togetherness. So don’t be afraid to ask around for suggestions.

Ask friends, family members, or even strangers and acquaintances for recommendations to expand your horizons and move out of your comfort zone. At the end of the day, music uniquely brings people together, heals the soul, and provides a sense of wonder and purpose to everyday life. What’s better than that?

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