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Exciting DIY Projects You Should Start This Summer

Exciting DIY Projects You Should Start This Summer

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Summer is one of the best times of the year to do anything, as there is more daylight than other times of the year. You have so much time to do almost anything, including all sorts of personal projects. Read on to learn about some exciting DIY projects you can and should start this summer.

Creative Bird Feeders

Summer is not only the time of the year with the most daylight, but it’s also when all the animals seem to come out more frequently every day. One animal that likes to make its presence known through song is the bird, and a fun way to keep them coming to your yard is with a bird feeder. Bird feeders can come in all shapes and sizes; there is no limit to the creativity you can show off when constructing your own. One fun way to make a bird feeder is with a shadow box. It is a relatively simple project, but you should still wear personal protective equipment for any of your DIY projects.

Create an Outdoor Fire Pit

This project is a step up from the bird feeder and will take a lot more time and effort to construct fully. A fire pit is a beautiful addition to your home that increases its value. It’s also a fun place to go at the end of the day, all year round. You can construct various kinds of fire pits with different materials, but a basic one that still looks incredible is a small stone fire pit. You’ll need some landscaping stones, gravel, sand, and a fire pit bowl. Fire pits can bring character to any backyard, and the ability to make s’mores is a compelling plus.

Herb Planters

Summer is a time for gardening and growth, but having a green thumb is easier said than done. Maintaining bigger plants is tough, but creating a small herb garden and growing fresh parsley, basil, oregano, and anything in between is fairly easy. You can purchase traditional plants from the store, but these lack uniqueness. A fun DIY project is creating your own planters so that everything is neatly organized while still looking sleek. Planters are also an excellent option for those in apartments, as you can create a hanging planter that you can place almost anywhere, whether on a balcony or hung from your ceiling.

Get outside this summer and try any of these exciting DIY projects. Some of the additions to your home won’t be as substantial as others, but any is surely welcome as they bring new life into and outside your home!

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