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The Various Reasons to Love and Live in Barbados

The Various Reasons to Love and Live in Barbados

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If you love traveling and going on new adventures, you might have considered moving to a Caribbean island. If not, you will after reading this. Barbados is an incredibly unique place to visit and live, and you should consider yourself lucky if you’ve been on the island. Check out the various reasons to love and live in Barbados to convince yourself it’s time for a trip or a move.

The Beaches Are Unbeatable

Barbados beaches are exactly how you’d imagine paradise, and there’s nothing better than sunbathing in the white sand. Although there are beaches around the island’s entire perimeter, each coast is good for different things. For instance, the west coast is calm and peaceful, the east coast beaches are rugged and great for surfing, and the south coast is a prime tourist spot.

The Cuisine Is Unique and Delicious

Aside from the incredible beaches, the food is one of the biggest factors that draw people to the island. Whether or not you’re familiar with Caribbean cuisine, you’ll love the unique foods and pops of flavor in Barbados. The island is famous for its national dish, flying fish and cou-cou. It’s an exceptional dish that consists of okra, cornmeal, and flying fish, and has a prominent spot on the list of must-try Caribbean-inspired dishes.

People Are Friendly

Bajan culture is much different from America’s, and the people are extremely friendly. Even if they don’t know you, the locals on the island will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and help with whatever you need. As an added bonus, English is the primary language on the island; however, many locals have heavy accents.

Rum—Need I Say More?

In case you didn’t know, Barbados is the rum capital of the world. In fact, this beautiful island is the birthplace of rum; Mount Gay rum is the oldest in the world, and the distillery still produces rum and offers tours and tastings on the island. With that in mind, Barbados is the place to be if rum is your drink of choice.

An Extensive Island History

If you enjoy exploring historical sites, Barbados is a remarkable place to be; there are many historical spots to explore all over the island. Believe it or not, Barbados was the first and only country George Washington visited outside the US, and the house he stayed in is a must-see! Additionally, you have to visit the Barbados Museum, as well as the St. John Parish church.

As you can see, there are many reasons to love and live in Barbados. Whether you prefer the beach or are a history buff, you can find something to enjoy on the island. Visiting Barbados is a must for everyone, and you just might love it enough to make the move permanently!

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