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Ultimate Baking Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Ultimate Baking Tips Every Beginner Should Know

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Baking is an excellent skill to learn because you can make tasty treats and create new recipes. However, as a beginner, you must understand the basics and stick to helpful tips. If you’re interested, read these ultimate baking tips every beginner should know.

Let Ingredients Get to Room Temperature

One of the ultimate baking tips every beginner should know is to let your ingredients get to room temperature. When it comes to baking, texture and consistency are key. And extremely cold ingredients can make the batter stiff or lumpy, and melted or mushy ingredients can make the batter loose. This causes the baked goods to spread and become flat.

Measure Sticky Ingredients With Cooking Oil

Measuring sticky ingredients is challenging. However, you can spray cooking oil in the measuring cup before placing them in the cup. Afterward, use a silicone spatula to transfer the ingredients from the cup into the mixing bowl. This easy removal process prevents leftovers from sticking to the measuring cup.

Always Prep Your Baking Pans

Even with nonstick pans, there is still a chance of baked goods sticking to the surface. Therefore, it’s best to prep all your baking pans. You can line baking sheets or cake pans with parchment paper or brush butter (or cooking spray) on the surface to ensure nothing sticks. And with cupcake trays, make sure you use paper or silicone liners.

Understand Where To Store Ingredients

Understanding where to store baking ingredients is important to know because it affects the lifespan of the products. You don’t want to spoil your ingredients by putting them in the wrong place. Therefore, the right storage methods ensure proper shelf life. Things like eggs and milk need refrigeration, but flour and sugar need a cool and dark place to sit.

Do the Toothpick Test

After taking your baked goods out of the oven, you can see if they’re done by doing the toothpick test. Stick a toothpick in the middle of the baked good, and if it comes out clean, the dessert is complete. However, if the batter is on the toothpick, you must place it back in the oven until it’s done baking.

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