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September 2021 Monthly Horoscope: 12 Sign Overview

September 2021 Monthly Horoscope: 12 Sign Overview

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As we leave behind the hot summer nights of August, we make way for the harvest month of September as we begin to slow down, cozy up, and prepare for the cooler time of the year. Starting the month, we will be kicking off September in the sign of the goal-oriented Virgo, which will align our focus towards our goals, helping us to move forward in many aspects of our lives. This will leave many of the signs feeling fulfilled and complete right at the start of the month and pave the way for enhanced productivity later on. However, not all is as it may seem this month, as September will also prepare us for many difficult obstacles throughout the month that will push us to grow, whether we want to or not. Therefore, get ready to put in some major effort this month to get to where you want to be.

Aside from this, the third week of the month will shift our focus yet again as we welcome the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd, as well as the Libra season on the 23rd. This will all-around bring a deeper focus towards our social community, as well as our personal independence. Not to mention the Autumn Equinox, specifically, is considered to be one of the most powerful times of the year for enhanced intuition, reflection, inner growth, and letting go. Therefore, get ready for some major divine change and alignment to occur over the next several weeks as we shed our skin into who we’re meant to be.  Lastly, Mercury, the planet of communication, will also be lurking in the background this month as it prepares to go retrograde for the third and final time this year. This will stir up a lot of confusion, mental fog, and misunderstandings with coworkers and loved ones, so be prepared for some potential rough patches and miscommunication to occur. Self-care practices throughout the month are highly recommended to help combat this.

Overall, September is expected to be a powerful month of slow growth and change as we prepare to go through yet another metamorphosis before the slower months of the year take over. To give you a better idea of what you can expect, today, we’re going to touch on a brief overview of what changes each Zodiac sign can expect to feel throughout September and how each sign can make the most of it. Let’s get started.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Starting with the Aries, the month of September is expected to bring about new transformation and alignment for you. This month, a huge focus will be put on your self-care routine, as well as your ability to steady yourself. As a fire sign, you constantly want to move as quickly as possible, but this month, the autumnal energies are asking you to slow down. To succeed at anything, you need to learn how to find a way to balance your fiery ambition with steady calmness to get the best of both worlds, and this month will be heavily focused around doing just that. Trust this process, Aries; this is an excellent time of learning for you and is bound to pay off in the long run.

In love, September is predicted to be an overall positive month for those in a relationship. Things should be going along smoothly with your partner, and for the most part, you’ll have very little to complain about. If you are single, love has the most likely chance to be in your sector as we approach the social season of the Libra later in the month. Until then, just keep doing what you do, Aries, and work to find your balance as best you can so that you’re fully ready for someone new to come into your life.

In your career, throughout September, you are likely to experience both highs and lows in the workplace. Due to the current planetary shifts, as well as the backward movement of Mercury retrograde this month, advancements in the workplace aren’t predicted, while misunderstandings may be likely. Do what you can to keep your cool, Aries. This period will soon pass.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

For the Taurus, September is predicted to be a productive month of change backed by good karma returning. With positive energy circulating around you, expect some new rewards to arise, including new opportunities in your career as well as your finances. This is overall expected to be a rather smooth month of riding high on good energy as you continue to smash goal after goal, which will have you feeling truly unstoppable. Go forth and conquer, Taurus; truly, anything you set your mind to is possible.

In love, September is predicted to be a positive month full of lust and sensuality for those in a relationship, as you and your partner work together to ignite new flames of passion through new romantic activities. If you are single, this month is likely to bring someone new into your life who will quickly have you head over heels in an instant. However, be careful not to let yourself fall too quickly, Taurus, as this could lead to heartache. Take it slow.

In your career, September is predicted to be a positive month in the workplace. With a good connection with your coworkers as well as your supervisors, accomplishing tasks should come easily this month and are likely to be backed by wonderful support and gratification from your colleagues. If you keep this up, new rewards are bound to be in your future in no time, Taurus. Keep rocking.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

For the Gemini, 2021 has already been a long year of change and adjustments for you, but it’s not over just yet, as September is expected to bring more of the transformative energy that you’ve been going through the last couple of months and help you shed away what is no longer aligned with you. Whether it’s a job, relationship, or friendship, expect some changes to take place this month that could leave you feeling a little heavy in your heart. Just remember, everything happens for a reason, and you are sure to see a light at the end of the tunnel soon. Trust the process and keep going, Gemini.

In love, September is likely to be a balanced month of highs and lows for those in a relationship. All around, things should be positive, but you may experience some small issues at the beginning of the month. However, they shouldn’t result in any major issues. If you are single, September may not be the best month for finding new love. For that reason, it may be a good month to just lie low and work through your personal issues instead so that when love does come along, you’re ready. 

In your career, September is likely to be a slower month in the workplace without any true reward, which could leave you doing some inner reflections about your life. There’s no doubt about it; you’ve been working so hard these last few months, but it just doesn’t seem to be paying off. Is this really the job you want to be at, Gemini? Do they truly value you here? It may be time to start asking yourself these questions, and if the answer to either is no, don’t be afraid to make a change.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

For the Cancer, the month of September is likely to be an emotional one for you. With Mercury retrograde and other major planetary shifts going on this month, expect a bit of mental fog to cover you that could result in anxiety and overthinking. For this reason, we recommend putting a big focus on your mental health this month. Don’t feel bad about canceling plans or ignoring texts right now, as you need to remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take some time to just do you, Cancer, and maybe spend some much-needed time with your loved ones. Truly, some peace, quiet, and rest will help to heal your mind more than anything else right now.

In love, your relationship will be a breath of fresh air this month from everything else going on in your life, and you are likely to feel closer with your partner than you have in a while. If you are single, there will likely be several opportunities to start new relationships. However, remember to take care of yourself first, Cancer, as getting into a relationship in such a vulnerable state may not be the best idea. Take it slow.

In your career, you are likely to experience some rough patches. Due to the current planetary alignments, advancements, recognition, and rewards just don’t seem to be in your near future this month, so don’t let yourself worry over them. Keep your nose to the grindstone and just do what you know right now. This uncertain period will soon clear, but until then, do your best to just lie low.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

For the Leo, September is expected to be a positive month of transformation for you. You’ll kick off the month feeling motivated and inspired to get to work on your personal goals, and you should have no problem completing them. Old projects from the past may also return to your focus this month, and you’ll happily take them on alongside everything else. Overall, this month is likely to be very productive for you, which will have you feeling pretty good about yourself. Just don’t get cocky with money this month, and make sure you save as much of it as you can. Other than that, you should be just fine.

In love, relationships this month will be full of tenderness. All around, harmony will be the biggest theme for your love life this month, which will have you feeling closer to your partner than you have in a while. If you are single, luck is on your side in terms of love, and charming someone new should come effortlessly. Trust your intuition and just have some fun, Leo; you deserve it.

In your career, September is expected to be an excellent month for growth. The current planetary shifts are on your side this month and will help to promote a more harmonious workplace. With the support of your colleagues, you will be able to accomplish your targets effortlessly with the potential for new financial rewards in the future. Keep up the great work,  Leo.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

For the Virgo, we’re in the midst of your birthday season this month, which will have you feeling more attuned with your personal power all throughout September. This is going to be a big month of growth for you, and you’re definitely ready for it. Overall, expect some emotional detoxing to take place as you take more control over creating the life you want. You’re right where you need to be, Virgo, and you surely know it. Keep on rocking.

In love, relationships this month will be full of excitement and bliss. Venus is shedding some lustful energy on your love sector right now, which will push you to try new things and get a little more creative in your romance. If you are single, love opportunities may be on your horizon towards the middle or end of the month, but you are advised to tread carefully, as all may not be as it seems. Above all else, let your intuition guide the way.

In your career, you are likely to experience some bumps in the road, which could leave you feeling frustrated in the workplace. This is not a time for bold moves or forward movement, as everything you seem to be working for right now is bound to hit a wall. It’s best to wait it out, Virgo, and just focus on lying low for the time being. It will all work out soon; just be patient.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

For the Libra, alongside the Virgo, it’s also your birthday season, and you’ll likely kick off the month feeling inspired, which will push you into a higher gear for making strides towards your goals. However, balance is everything, and as such, you will also learn the importance of slowing down this month, whether you want to or not. This will help you to maintain a steady footing towards your personal goals as well as help to keep your mental health in check for the future. With that said, make sure you make plenty of time for both work and play this month in order to keep your balance.

In love, those in a relationship are likely to experience a month of bliss, thanks to the tender influence from Venus, the planet of love, upping your compassion and affection. This should create an overall loving environment that will have you feeling head over heels with your partner. If you are single, this month is predicted to be a very lucky one for new relationships. Whether it’s someone already in your circle or someone new entirely, you are encouraged to put yourself out there and have a little fun if you want to draw in someone new.

In your career, September predicts a month of hardships in the workplace. With the influence of Mercury retrograde lurking in the background this month, miscommunication is likely to be a problem at work and could result in issues with you and your colleagues. Don’t let it weigh you down, Libra; do your best to keep your work stresses away from your personal life to help avoid emotional conflicts.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

For the Scorpio, September is expected to be a vigorous month of forward movement. With so much inspired movement, get ready to take on somewhat of a leadership position with your friends and or work colleagues, as your passion for your goals will certainly be a guiding light to those around you. With that said, this will all-around be a positive month of change for you as your goals and dreams begin to grow into fruition. Keep up the great work, Scorpio.

In love, September may be a sensitive time in your relationship, and you may be feeling more vulnerable with your partner. Because of this, you and your partner will have a much higher chance of disagreeing, which could leave you feeling frustrated and angry. Do your best to handle it in a mature manner and talk it out if you want to help your relationship get back on track. Don’t hold grudges. If you are single, you don’t have the best chance of meeting anyone new right now and may want to use this time to work through any insecurities and emotional issues you may be going through instead. 

In your career, your work environment is expected to be a harmonious one. From completing tasks on time to your relationships with your coworkers, you shouldn’t have any complaints about your job this month, which will be truly refreshing for you. Savor it, Scorpio – and keep up all your hard work.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

For the Sagittarius, September is expected to bring some new highs and lows into your space. The good thing is you’ll have a lot of ideas for new goals and projects, which will have you feeling rather inspired. However, you may also have trouble executing those ideas or getting them onto paper. Meditative practices may be the answer for this, as they may be able to help you to focus your mind and unlock your creative expression so that it can flow freely. Give it a shot this month, Sag; what have you got to lose?

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In love, September is likely to be a steady month for those in a relationship. If there have been any lingering problems of the past with your partner, this autumn month should help them to slide away and make way for a beautiful new connection that will help to reignite old passions with your partner. If you are single, chances to meet someone new are possible this month if you allow your heart to be available. Take a chance in love, Sag; you may just find yourself to be pleasantly surprised with the results.

In your career, things are looking up in terms of work, and you are likely to have new opportunities for career development. Hard work pays off, Sag, and you’ve been killing it these last few months. A blissful and easy month should be ahead of you as a result of this, with some potential rewards in your near future.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

For the Capricorn, September is predicted to be an emotional month for you. You will be feeling a lot more open, vulnerable, and tuned in with your emotions than you have in a while. This could easily stir up feelings of stress and anxiety if you aren’t careful, so make sure you do what you can to find a grounding point this month. Self-care and meditative practices, as well as making time for the things you love, is an excellent way to do this.

In love, September is likely to be full of a blissful union with your partner as your mind begins to drift towards the future. Now more than ever, you may be considering moving to the next step with your partner, and it would truly be a great time to act on it. Follow your heart, Cap, and let the possibilities soar. For those who are single, your love life is expected to be fun and lighthearted this month, and you shouldn’t have any problem winning someone over.

In your career, the month ahead predicts rough patches at work. You may have a difficult time keeping your focus this month, and your superiors are certainly not helping. Try not to let it get to you, Cap, and instead try to occupy your time with some positive practices outside of work to keep your mind off of it.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

For the Aquarius, September is predicted to be a positive month of hard work and abundance. Aligning with the Virgo energy, you’ll be feeling more inspired to get to work on goals new and old this month and start executing your ideas more into the world. Your productivity in your place of work, as well as your personal goals, should also soar this month, and it will all-around have you feeling confident, energized, and unstoppable.

In love, relationships are expected to be positive throughout September. The connection with your partner this month will only grow deeper and more intimate, making you feel loved, supported, and appreciated in the way you should. If you are single, you are likely to experience a plethora of new opportunities for getting into relationships this month, and with everything else going on and your natural charisma, you’ll be feeling extremely confident in pursuing it. Go get ‘em, tiger.

In your career, September may be rough in the workplace. As with many of the signs, the influence of Mercury retrograde in the background this month may cause tasks, deliveries, and words to get misinterpreted, which could cause some issues to arise with your superiors. Don’t let this weigh on you, Aquarius. It’s not you, and you shouldn’t take it personally. You’ll likely see some better results in your workplace as we approach the end of the month. But until then, try not to stir up any drama.

Pisces (February 19 – March 10)

And lastly, for the Pisces, September is expected to be a slow and emotional month for you. While things seem to be going well on the surface, you may also be struggling with some recurring emotional issues throughout the month. This could lead you to make some changes in your life, as well as detox old habits and energies. Do what you feel you need to, Pisces, especially if it’s been weighing on your mental health. Change is good and can be one of the biggest ways to set your soul free. Trust your intuition, and allow it to guide the way through this magical changing season.

In love, this month is predicted to be stable with a few ups and downs towards the middle of the month. However, this is nothing to stress over and should pass as quickly as it arose. For those who are single, with all that has been going on emotionally, romance doesn’t really seem to be your top priority right now, and honestly, that may be for the best. With that said, just take some time to clear away the mental fog this month to help you get back on track emotionally. Love isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you have nothing to worry about.

Lastly, in your career, work will be steady, with nothing significant standing out this month. In all honesty, it may even feel a bit boring at work right now. Therefore, this would be an excellent time to focus your energy on your personal goals and professional skills outside of work to help keep you feeling productive. Doing this may also be able to ease any stress you have, as well as help to support your emotional and mental health, which you’re definitely in need of.  Keep your head up, Pisces; better things are coming, and this period will soon pass. You’ve got this. 


Overall, the month of September is predicted to be a highly energetic month of change and transformation as we get ready to welcome in the start of autumn, the next Mercury retrograde, and the Libra season. With so much happening energetically, expect some major detoxing, growth, and alignment to take place as we clear away all that is blocking our path to success and happiness. Do what you can to take time to slow down and align with the energy of this new month if you want to make it through this month as smoothly as possible.

Happy September!

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